A.I.R. Announces Fall Artist Roster 

We just got word that the 8th Street Marketplace’s Artist in Residence program has selected it’s third round of artists for September through November, 2009. But this announcement comes with an added surprise—they’re expanding.

Now, in addition to encompassing two second-floor rooms and a basement room in the Mercantile Building in BODO, the A.I.R. program is also offering artists free studio space in the basement of the Renewal building and on Main Street in the Alaska Building.

“The whole program is still officially called 8th Street A.I.R., but these other two spaces have now decided to take the same jump,” said 8th Street Marketplace representative Courtney Robinson Feider. “But they now have a little bit more protection because they’ve seen somebody else succeed with it.”

First Thursday events at the A.I.R. space regularly bring in 250 to 300 people for performances, live painting and free wine. This got the attention of other downtown property owners looking to drive more traffic into their spaces and expose potential office-space renters to their available properties.

“It’s cyclical. It’s driving traffic and exposing people to the cultural diversity and creativity of Boise, but also it’s cyclical because it puts more people in these commercial spaces, which might help businesses to identify them as potential places to work,” said Feider.

With 41 artists mailing in applications this go round, it’s obvious the A.I.R. program has solidified a reputation for being just as supportive of artists as it is of business owners.

“It’s a nice urban, modern twist on a gallery experience, too, to get people going around to these almost temporary gallery locations.”

Without further ado, here are the fall 2009 artists:

8th Street Marketplace at 404 S. 8th Street:

Kelli Brown is a choreographer and dancer who will choreograph and rehearse new pieces at 8th Street studios.

Benjamin Love is a printmaker, sculptor and performance artist who will be working on large scale wood block prints and sculpture from recycled materials.

Goran Fazil is a painter working on a series exploring a cultural and historical relationship to war. His custom frames are as powerful as his paintings.

517 S. 8th (in the basement of the Renewal building):

April VanDeGrift is a painter working on a series focused on memory, particularly as applied to objects and humans.

Emily Wenner is a painter, working on large-scale figurative and fantastical landscape paintings.

1020 Main Street (in the Alaska Building):

Sandy Marosticais a painter and illustrator who creates stimulating visual collages.

Robin Zimmermannis a painter who is focused on creating interesting urban cityscapes.

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