Album Review: Render Another Ugly Method, Mothers 

Mothers’ first album, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired, did a good job of balancing lead singer Kristine Leschper’s atmospheric vocals with the backing of a full band, creating a fully-rounded sound throughout the album. But in its latest release, Render Another Ugly Method, that sound teeter-totters out of alignment. The band is relegated to simple rhythm lines and excess reverb, serving mostly as a choral background.

While Leschper’s voice rings out crystal-clear and poignant at times, at others it's slow and measured at best, and drowsy more often than not. She makes a point to draw out every single word of the album. It slowly drags listeners into a trance-like divergence from reality—until the rest of the band seems to remember it can play multiple chords, kicking the song into gear and bringing the audience back.

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It’s a good thing too, as there are only so many minutes of undertone monologue and haunting vocals one can take.

While scarce, there are some clear highlights on the album. All of them are songs that hearken back to the band’s original sound, offering less reverb and more vocal fluctuation. The seven-minute long “PINK” gives the album some early momentum, but it's not until the final sound-off, “Further Away,” that listeners get a glimpse of what this band can really sound like.

Overall, the reconstruction of Mothers’ sound is disjointed and takes more than a few patient listens to appreciate.
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