Album Review: Steady Your Aim, Andrew Sheppard 

Californication is every Idaho resident’s nightmare, but when singer-songwriter Andrew Sheppard traded in the coast for the pine trees, he wasn't moving in so much as returning home. The Ketchum-raised Sheppard released his second album while playing at Treefort this spring, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The hallmark of a good album is a solid first track, and on Sheppard’s latest release, Steady Your Aim, the first minute draws listeners in. The lyrics are an invitation: “It’s a hell of of a world/ livin’ wild and free/ leave the world behind you now/ and take a walk with me.” Gladly.

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  • Andrew Sheppard
Steady Your Aim has it all. Country/rock-roots sound? Check. Honest, soulful lyrics? Check. Rich, vibrant vocalizations? Check.

If there’s one thing to single out on this record (and it’s hard to pick just one), it's the raw lyricism Sheppard brings. Each song is a full chapter in his life’s journey—he didn’t sit idly by waiting for ideas to come to him. It’s pure, worn-on-his-sleeve nostalgia. He has lived each lyric, and wants to tell you all about it.

The best way to listen is to pour yourself some whiskey—something cheap, of course, bottom shelf—and get ready to stomp your boots and sink into this master storyteller’s tales.
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