Alive After Five: Ghost of Paul Revere 

Grove Plaza, Wednesday, June 20

Although Ghost of Paul Revere made its national debut on Conan on March 22 this year, its beginnings date back to 2011. The Maine-based, "holler-folk" band consists of just strings and vocals. Guitarist and singer Griffin Sherry said on the band website, "Everyone assumed we were a bluegrass band because we were playing these traditional instruments, but we weren't writing traditional music. We were just writing songs with the instruments we had." Sherry said the band handled its latest album, Monarch (self-released, 2017), with more care than past albums, taking time to arrange and write in the studio. "Every other record has just been the three of us in a room with a microphone," Sherry said. The music consists of layered harmonies, intricate string-play and optimistic melodies—check it out at Alive After Five.

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