Boise Weekly

Alive After Five: Lounge on Fire

Grove Plaza, July 4

Lex Nelson Jul 3, 2018 4:00 AM

At this point, BW has heaped so much love on Lounge on Fire that it's difficult to know what's left to say—except maybe that if you haven't caught one of the local alt-rock band's iconic live performances yet, you're seriously missing out. Luckily, a chance to correct that mistake and burnish your Boise citizenship card is coming up on Wednesday, July 4, when LoF will storm the Grove Plaza stage for Alive After Five. The band is best known for, as it puts it, combining "dark, seductive grooves and a boisterous fanfare of wind instruments" in a chorus that includes trumpet, saxophone and trombone; and though its debut album, Lips of Calypso (self-released, 2017), provides plenty of musical fodder, your ears may also be treated to some funky covers. At BW's Big Le Boise block party, LoF amped up the crowd with Gogol Bordello's "Start Wearing Purple" in high style.