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While the focus is on names like Bieter and Tibbs, some other lesser-known candidates are throwing their hats into the race for Boise political office.

Among them is Marc Seeley, who is running for the office of mayor—or at least that's what the voicemail Seeley left at the BW offices proclaimed. And more than just running, he's running to win this time, "not like in 2005."

Seeley, an outspoken homeless advocate and former BW contributor, previously ran unsuccessfully for the Boise City Council seat occupied by Vern Bisterfeldt.

In his announcement, Seeley said his campaign "mantra" will be livability—which also happens to be Mayor Dave Bieter's favorite catchphrase. Seeley will also focus on affordable housing, "not just homeless, but for semi-skilled and low-skilled workers."

Seeley promises to bring up the "thornier issues," including challenging what sort of projects are funded through the city. He added he plans to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

While he said he's running to win, he also admitted he's not sure about his prospects, although he does expect to throw the election into a run-off. If this should happen he hopes "Bieter pays the ultimate price for not following what Jesus commanded."

Additionally, Shaun Stamper filed paperwork earlier this spring allowing him to collect and spend money on a campaign for Seat 1 on the council. The seat is currently held by Alan Shealy, who has yet to decide if he will seek re-election.

Stamper is a bit of an unknown on the political scene, but making a scene isn't new for him. Last year, Stamper planned a hunger strike in an attempt to force the Ada County Highway District to make city sidewalks and corners safe and accessible for the disabled.

Wheelchair-bound himself, Stamper vowed to neither eat, nor drink anything until ACHD signed a legally binding promise to not only bring sidewalks and corners up to standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act, but that work would start by the end of 2006.

The strike was called off the day before it began, after talks with ACHD.

What issues Stamper's campaign will focus on is still unknown. He has not actively campaigned and BW was unable to contact him for comment.

No other challengers have yet declared themselves for the city council races. Also up for grabs this year is Seat 5, held by Elaine Clegg and Seat 3, now occupied by Dave Eberle. Both Clegg and Eberle have stated they will run for re-election.

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