Alternative 'Dangerous Dog' Bill Surfaces in Idaho House Committee 

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  • Kelsey Hawes

Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle (R-Star) stood before a House panel for the second time in eight days on Feb. 18, proposing revised legislation to shorten the leash on what he calls “dangerous dogs.”

Moyle introduced a measure Feb. 10 to the House Agricultural Affairs Committee, setting new standards for dogs that attack people. Moyle returned to the same committee Thursday afternoon to propose an alternative bill that ensures more local control.

“I know that a number of you received a good many emails and calls regarding concerns with the original bill,” said Moyle. “The original bill said cities couldn’t place their own exemptions on certain breeds of dogs. That’s probably what you got the most emails on. We’ve since removed that.”

Current state law insists an owner who harbors a vicious dog that has attacked someone could be subject to a misdemeanor. The new bill adds increased fines and jail time for subsequent offences.

“This makes it clear that the state would set minimum standards and cities could still put in place their own restrictions,” said Moyle.

With that, the House Ag Committee voted unanimously to advance the new bill to a full hearing before the committee in the near future. Ag Committee Chair Rep. Ken Andrus (R-Lava Hot Springs) told committee members that the prior version of the measure was being held and "over and done with."

"This is the legislation that we'll be dealing with now," said Andrus.
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