Amanda Hamilton Disperses Possessions at Bricolage 

And community remembers Anne Frank at the Morrison Center

Buy Amanda Hamilton's "Drowning House" or her actual house at Bricolage First Thursday, May 2.

Amanda Hamilton

Buy Amanda Hamilton's "Drowning House" or her actual house at Bricolage First Thursday, May 2.

Reality shows might chronicle the obsessive accumulation of cats, broken coffee makers and old Barbie dolls, but the thoughtful dispersal of possessions makes for much less interesting TV. Luckily, it should make for a pretty sweet art show.

Local artist Amanda Hamilton and her family are leaving Boise and moving across the country to Minneapolis. But before they go, they're getting rid of their old books, records, glass, artwork, bicycles, curtains, china--even their car and house--in a gallery show/post-modern yard sale at Bricolage.

"A friend insightfully described some of the items in question as 'aspirational' objects: something you keep or own because it would be nice someday to be a person who used it," wrote Hamilton in a press release. "The problem is that every time I see those 'aspirational' objects I just feel guilty, like I've failed to use it or rise to the occasion."

As part of the sale, Bricolage will also host a one-day Facebook auction Thursday, May 2, when interested collectors can bid on Hamilton's original artwork in the comment section.

"Getting rid of so many objects (in the end maybe 30-40 percent of what we own) at first felt like losing my right arm, but now that it's all out of the house and out of my mind I am so relieved," wrote Hamilton.

You can peruse some of the Hamilton family's possessions at Bricolage from 5-10 p.m. First Thursday, May 2.

Moving from fresh starts to remembrances, the Women's and Children's Alliance has teamed up with the Idaho Human Rights Education Center to present The World of Anne Frank: A Community Reading for Remembrance Thursday, May 2, at the Morrison Center.

The event will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial with readings from Frank's diary--and the play based on her diary, And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank--performed by students from Idaho Shakespeare Festival's apprentice company and directed by ISF Director of Education Renee K. Vomocil.

"Both the WCA and the IHREC hope that this special celebration in honor of human rights will inspire our community as we work to create and maintain a community of caring, happy and healthy individuals free from violence and fear," wrote the WCA in a press release.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and costs $10 to $25. There will also be a free morning performance for an audience of 1,300 eighth-graders from the Boise School District.

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