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Hola, Amigo. Tienes Hambre?

In the ever-changing landscape of Boise's SoBo food offerings, a few key players have stretched out tentacles all over the valley, cementing their place in the Treasure Valley Tex-Mex Rolodex. And then there are a few brave souls who go stag. Everybody has to start somewhere, right? Well, that little awkwardly shaped joint on State Street that was once Roque's before it was Marly's is now Gil Puerto Carerro's Mexican restaurant, named Amigos. Phew. Sometimes a location changes hands so quickly over such a short period of time that even though we food-types know who's who and what's what, we lose all interest before we can stand to put it in print. But then someone whispers that the new joint's menu ain't half bad. And then someone else makes a mention that the food is actually pretty decent. And then there's that bit that circulates about the homemade tamales and authentic chiles rellenos, and before you know it, our previous apathy is outright curiosity. It's been a month since Amigos opened to the public, which is prime time to check out a new restaurant—after all the bugs have been worked out but before the adoring hordes make for long waits.

Amigos, 2870 W. State St., 208-343-1001. Mon.-Sat.: 11 a.m to 9 p.m., closed Sunday.

Vino Adds Tea

Boise's most intimate hole-in-the-wall wine bar—which happens to throw some very chic and very exclusive club nights—will be throwing a new addition into the wine-art gallery-DJ concept: tea. Piazza di Vino will feature Shangri-La teas from Kuna in the very near future with its new Serenitea Lounge. Crumpets, anyone?

Piazza di Vino, 212 N. 9th St., 208-336-9577.

How many eggs would a wood chuck eat if a wood chuck could eat pickled eggs?

This is your friendly little reminder that one of the craziest little competitions held annually in this little city of ours is this weekend. February 23, Stubs Sports Pub hosts its sixth-annual pickled egg eating contest. The name of the contest pretty much says it all, but for those who need a little more ink on it, here's the deal. You sign up. You eat as many pickled eggs as humanly possible in five minutes. You spew, you do not pass go. He or she with the most ingested eggs (which do not make a reappearance from the orifice into which they went) shall be declared the competition's champion.

If you choose to participate, drop BW a line at and tell us all about it.

Sat., Feb. 23, 4 p.m. Stubs Sports Pub, 12505 Chinden Blvd., 208-378-8273,

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