Andy Warhol-Inspired Campbell Cans 

Soup has never looked so good

Campbell's multi-color cans are soup-er cool.

campbell’s soup company

Campbell's multi-color cans are soup-er cool.

The iconic red-and-white packaging for Campbell's tomato soup hasn't changed much since it debuted in 1898. But the pantry staple did get a notable PR boost when pop artist Andy Warhol famously painted the cans in 1962.

Now, 50 years later--as Campbell's is trying to court younger, hipper consumers--it has come up with a meta marketing ploy.

On Sept. 2, Campbell's released 1.2 million special-edition cans of brightly colored tomato soup that pay homage to Warhol and are only available at Target stores nationwide.

The cans, which come in four color schemes featuring bright blues, greens and oranges, cost 75 cents a pop and feature an assortment of Warhol quips on the back, like: "In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes."

According to an AP article, Campbell's has sold similar cans on much smaller scales in the past: "In 2004, the company sold 75,000 four-packs of Warhol-inspired cans at Giant Eagle, a Pittsburgh-based supermarket operator. During the holiday season in 2006, the company sold 12,000 units at Barney's, a high-end department store, in New York."

Boise's two Target locations both confirmed that, as of press time, they had received shipments of the special cans and both had them in stock.

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