Anicca Bags: The Pog Slammer 

Capital City Public Market or online at, $55

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Jeremy Holmstead

Over the years, the City of Boise has done a lot of leg-work helping people get around by bike, but when it comes to hauling stuff—well, that's up to the rider. There are all kinds of backpacks and saddle bags out there for laptops, groceries and even pets, but most of them come up short when all that really needs packing are a set of keys, a phone, and a wallet or that expensive new headlamp. That's where the Pog Slammer from Driggs-based Anicca Bags (pronounced "anee-cha") is a life-saver. This smaller cylindrical bag hangs from under the seat or the handlebars and has zipper access. It's perfect for stashing incidentals, and at 4-plus Liters, is just big enough to cram a rain slick. It comes in pretty much any color and can be made to order.


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