Animals, Rescued From Hurricane Harvey, to be Airlifted to Boise 

click to enlarge COURTESY: DOG IS MY COPILOT
  • Courtesy: Dog Is My Copilot
Animals impacted by September's devastation from Hurricane Harvey are preparing to be airlifted out of storm-ravaged areas of Texas to the Rocky Mountain Region. Jackson, Wyoming-based Dog is My Copilot is deploying its own fleet of airplanes to fly dogs and cats to areas where animals have a better chance of adoption. The latest rescue operation will bring dogs and cats from south Texas to shelters in Boise and Ketchum. The rescued animals are scheduled to touch down in Boise this Thursday, October 5.

"We do have quite a bit of space right now," said Allison Maier, communications and outreach manager at the Idaho Humane Society. "We've been waiting for awhile to take in some of the Texas dogs."

click to enlarge COURTESY: DOG IS MY COPILOT
  • Courtesy: Dog is My Copilot
Dog is My Copilot is expecting to deliver up to 50 dogs and possibly some cats to Boise's IHS shelter.

“It sounds like we may also be getting some cats on this transfer, because we’re working with an [operation] which is going to take some of our current population of cats... so we can help some of the cats in Texas," said Maier.

Rescued animals being transported to Boise have thus far been sheltered in Texas locations. But Maier said moving those animals to Boise and other locations allows the Harvey-impacted shelters to assist more at-risk animals in Texas.

“When we’re helping [other] regions after natural disasters, we’re not getting dogs that might still have owners that are looking for them," said Maier. "We’re taking [animals] that may have been to shelters before, or dogs that were surrendered by their owners. Plus, it clears up space for other strays, separated from owners by the storm.”

In addition to its delivery to the Idaho Humane Society, Dog is My Copilot will be delivering dogs to the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley in Ketchum. Additionally, the Portland, Oregon-based One Tail at a Time will be driving to Boise to pick up 15 rescued animals for their Oregon shelter.

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