Ann Morrison Park Seasonal Dog Off-Leash Program Ends Until Next Winter 

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  • Kelsey Hawes

The list of strategies the Boise Parks and Recreation Department uses to remove geese from Ann Morrison Park is long. It includes cut-outs of coyotes; covering goose eggs in oil; and hazing geese with lasers, loud noises and maintenance vehicles.

So far, the most successful plan has gone to the dogs. For the past four years, Parks and Rec has opened a portion of Ann Morrison Park as an off-leash dog park over the winter, when Boise's large Canada goose population descends on the park to swim, mate and—most of all—poop. 

That causes problems for Parks and Rec because, according to the department's former spokeswoman, Amy Stahl, goose poop makes the sidewalks in the park slippery, children fall into the mess and the elderly struggle to navigate around it.

The off-leash program had to come to an end, however, on Sunday, Feb. 28 so local soccer teams can begin practice. The East End Neighborhood Association put together a volunteer day to pick up dog waste in the park on Feb. 27. 

Now, dog owners will have to wait until Nov. 1 to let their dogs go in Ann Morrison, but Boise Parks and Rec does maintain four other year-round dog parks, as well as seven multi-use parks with off-leash hours.
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