Annoying Orange Temporary Tattoos and Stickers 

When you're sloshed, the best tattoo is a temporary tattoo.

You know what it's like. You're getting slizzered with your pals and you want to get a dumb tattoo to send a message to your ex but your "friends" won't let you just because you can't stand on your own or remember your name.

So eventually, you find yourself at Los Betos with a mouth full of beans. But somehow, you still want that dumbass tattoo.

Well, you're in luck, because not only does the Los Betos at 5220 W. Fairview Ave. have a machine that dispenses temporary tattoos for 50 cents each, but with the exception of the guy who got the Romney logo face tattoo, they're possibly the worst tattoos imaginable: Annoying Orange.

The machine is packed with giant, brightly colored temporary tattoos and stickers featuring the images and catchphrases of the YouTube/Cartoon Network sensation and his friends. There are all manner of fruits, vegetables and other foods anthropomorphized with the face of the series creator, Dane Boedigheimer.

And if there's any better terrible tattoo to get than a bright red apple exclaiming, "neato burrito," or a disgruntled pear proclaiming "I need a vacation" to show your ex who's really the "juvenile loser that needs to get off the couch and find a job," we don't know about it.

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