Annual Manual 2015 

Four seasons in the City of Trees (and beyond)

If you're reading this, you've picked up a copy of Boise Weekly's Annual Manual 2015 edition. Whether it was intentional or accidental, you've done something good for both of us. We get the satisfaction of knowing our shiny, informative publication is being used, and you are now the proud owner of a guide to some of the events and festivals that help make this area an ideal place to live.

Because we have distinct seasons in southern Idaho, we organized Annual Manual into Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring sections, knowing that with different times of the year come different needs: You may have friends planning to vacation here in the summer, family talking about coming at Christmas or need something to do with the kids during spring break. Crack open this copy of Annual Manual for a host of events from Canyon County to McCall and Boise to Sun Valley to keep everyone—including yourself—busy and entertained, whether someone is visiting for the first time or you're a native looking for a new experience. Set this bad boy on the coffee table, pin it to the bulletin board or grab a big magnet and stick it on the fridge, and you'll have art, music, culture and community events right at your fingertips.

You may notice events are sans specific dates. Annual Manual is on stands for a year and if something is rescheduled (or canceled), we would feel terrible thinking about you, arriving at a kick-ass event you read about in Annual Manual, only to learn it isn't happening. To avoid such a scenario and because we love you, we left specific dates out, but we did include a web address at the end of each description where you can confirm all the details necessary for a killer time. You can always check, too.

An Man: Good for us. Good for you. Thanks for reading

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