Annual Manual 2018: Top of the Pops 

How Boise's movie theater popcorn measures up

Food critics practically trip over one another in their rush to critique culinary delights. But we ask you: Where are the popcorn pundits? It's estimated that Americans eat somewhere around 17 billion quarts of popcorn annually. And at the movies, popcorn is considered a main food group and a major reason why cinemas still thrive. Time magazine estimates that theaters make a whopping 85 percent profit at concession stands (a big reason why customers are frowned at when sneaking in their own snacks).

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  • Jason Jacobsen

We believe it's high time to seek out Boise's best movie popcorn. To ensure a fair apples-to-apples (or kernel-to-kernel) comparison, we ordered a small popcorn with no butter or extra salt at each of Boise's favorite cinema and placed them on a scale of one to five kernels.

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