Annual Manual: A City Guide to the City of Trees 

The city of Boise has, quite literally, deep roots. Legend has it that Boise, now Idaho's largest city, was founded by a group of French fur trappers who, after cresting the arid foothills to the eas, looked down into a lush, tree-filled valley with a river running through it. Overcome with joy at the sight of the deciduous dale after trekking through nothing but pine and sage for so long, the trappers cried "Les bois, les bois!"— "The woods, the woods!"—and rushed to what would become their new home. Those trappers are credited with giving Boise not only its formal name but its nickname, the City of Trees, as well.

Annual Manual is always focused on Idaho in general and Boise in particular, and this year is no different, as we pay homage to our some of our rich landscape and history, as well as food, music, art and culture. Inside these pages, you'll find descriptions of Idaho's rugged national forests and information about its fascinating historic landmarks, as well as a guide to some of the more urban aspects of the City of Trees, like a few of the best places to grab a slice of pizza, some of the local bands and albums you should know, where all of the public parks are, and where to find free parking in downtown Boise (a well-kept secret that, well, is no longer a secret) Whether you're a longtime Boisean always interested in learning more about your hometown or a visitor hoping to get to know the city better, this guide should help. A lot.

This year, our goal was to inform you of something you didn't know about Boise or Idaho, something that would surprise you, entertain you, or make you want to jump in the car and take a road trip—just make sure you take your copy of AnMan along for the ride.

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