Dwayne Blackaller

Dwayne Blackaller

With Boise Contemporary Theater and Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Blackaller stands center stage
Actor finds voice as a playwright, performer and teacher.

Annual Manual 2018: Best in Show

Boise's performing arts festivals are places to watch impressive people do impressive things

What's That Sound?

Some—just some—of the best recent recordings to come out of Boise

Seeing the Forest for the Treefort

The annual festival has become a snapshot of Boise culture

Artists of Stage, Screen and Book Shelf

Profiling some of Boise's key cultural players
Quality of life is often measured not in dollars but in galleries, theaters, concert halls and bookstores—and a community's ability to support those creating the plays, films, performances and publications to fill them.

The Science of Ballooning

Why hot air balloons dot the Boise skyline
Turns out Boise is the perfect place for flying hot air balloons. Why? Science. Get the details here.

Welcome Home

Boise's thriving international refugee community
Thirteen-year-old Sajjad Alswaeidi seemed timid when he spoke about home on a sunny summer day in Ann Morrison Park. He rocked back and forth, staring at the ground as he talked about coming from Iraq in the summer of 2013 and what it's like adjusting to being in Boise, which he described as a calm, quiet place "with rules."

Cultural Insight

Random cultural knowledge
What you need to know about Boise's cultural scene.

Olek Szewczyk

Comedian finds he's a natural
As Boise's comedy scene grows, Szewczyk is among a deep pool of local talent.

Zach Voss

Filmmaker helps put Idaho cinema on the big screen
Founder of Retroscope Media working on new films.

Stewart Gallery

Boise gallery has survived the ups and downs of the art world
By constantly adapting, Stewart Gallery has become a mainstay in Boise's art scene.

Culture: The Calendar

Top picks for cultural events
Some of our favorite ways to experience Boise's cultural world.

Who: Stitch Marker

Getting to know one of the most familar faces on Boise's stages
With nearly 30 years with Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Marker has witnessed the evolution of Boise theater.

Artistic Landscape

Boise artists keep the cityscape vibrant
Artist-driven public art projects give the city texture.

Learning Through the Ages

Where to activate your brain
No matter what age you are, there's always something to learn and someone to help you do it.

Calendar: What, Where, When

Plan ahead for Boise's top cultural events
Mark your calendar for some of the area's favorite festivals and parties.

Cultural Depth

Despite a white-washed image, Boise's ethnic community is growing
A deeper look at the cultural quilt of the Treasure Valley

Posh on a Pittance

Boise arts on the cheap
How to get your cultural fix while saving a few bucks.

Gallery Walks

Monthly art tours
Drink a little wine and make an evening of it.

Arts Compass

Finding the right performing arts fit
Looking for family friendly theater or pure classical music? We've got you covered.

Historic Highlights

Architectural treasures of Boise's hidden past
Boise's history stands side-by-side with modern buildings, if you notice them.

Culture Cruise

Where to find the art Boise hides in plain sight
Get your walking shoes on for a guided tour of some of Boise's public art.

Mountain Arts

Sun Valley Center for the Arts
Head to the hills for a unique artistic experience.

Learn Something

Cultural enrichment for your daily diet
Check out Treasure Valley museums to feed your brain.

Independent Viewpoint

Local alternatives to the budget-buster mega-plex
In these theaters you can save a buck, or grab a drink.

Boise's Art Block

The beating heart of the creative community
From opera and ballet to theater and modern dance, most members of Boise's arts community are neighbors.


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