Four Days of Food

Four Days of Food

Four ways to conqure Boise's restaurant scene
From Idaho eats to splurging, there's something for all tastes.

Annual Manual 2018: Boise Gets Bugged?

The trend of eating insects may soon hit the City of Trees full force

Annual Manual 2018: Top of the Pops

How Boise's movie theater popcorn measures up

Annual Manual 2018: A Seat At the Table (Or at Least Nearby)

Exploring Boise's dog-friendly bars, restaurants and patios

Annual Manual 2018: Chow After Midnight

Check out Boise's hotspots for late-night eats

Fare Fairs

In a town not lacking for eateries, local food festivals still draw thousands. Below is just a taste of the annual fests in and around Boise that honor food, foodies and food culture. Bon apetit!

That's Amore

For those times when only a slice will do, these are some of our favorite pizza places (in alphabetical order)

The Tastiest Show in Town

The Basque Market's street-side paella is a sight, smell and flavor to behold
Take an inside look at the making of a signature dish.

Think Globally, Eat Locally

Eight ethnic markets in Boise to help broaden your culinary horizons
A kaleidoscope of ethnic markets dot the city, offering cuisine and goods drawn from almost every continent (if someone can point us to an Australian or Antarctic market, please do).

Steaky Fingers

We roll up our sleeves to sample some of Boise's famous finger steaks
Finger steaks are a point of Idaho pride.

Behind the Food

What you didn't know about Boise's food world
Tasty tidbits for trivia.

Bill Gale of Homestead Natural Foods

Going natural and back to basics
Homestead offers natural meat for those looking for healthy alternatives.

Cameron and Rob Lumsden

Brothers and restaurateurs have found the key to Boise's restaurant scene
From Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria to Fork and Alavita, some of Boise's favorite restaurants are all in the family.

Jen Rossetti and Duree Westover

Sugar Sugar Ice Cream Sammies feed the area's sweet tooth
Custom ice cream and homemade cookie are make a perfect combination.

Quinn's Restaurant and Lounge

Longtime Boise mainstay has earned its stripes
From karaoke bar to family restaurant, it's all things to many people.

Food: The Calendar

Best bets for culinary fun
Top picks for food-oriented happenings.

Who: Dave Wagers

Catching up with Idaho Candy Company's head candy man
After more than 100 years of making candy, Idaho Candy Company is still improving the recipe.

The Art of Bread

Bakers keep traditions alive and mouths watering
Artisan breads are the best things before sliced bread.

Pound for Pound

The dining habits of Boiseans by the numbers
We eat how much of what!?

Mobile Cuisine

Boise's Food Truck Rally lures roving eaters
Popularity of monthly food truck gathering can be overwhelming.

Down on the Farm

Farmers markets spring up to meet growing demand
Finding the fresh keeps getting easier.

Calendar: What, Where, When

Filling your days with food events
The Treasure Valley celebrates on its stomach with these food-oriented events.

Growing Community

CSAs gain popularity as a way to get back to basics
Finding new ways to bring fresh from the farm into your kitchen.

Where to Find a CSA

Locating a farm near you
How to keep the fresh produce coming.

Food Nostalgia

Businesses find success by making it from scratch
From cupcakes to smoked meats, sometimes the old fashioned way is worth the time.

Ethnic Table

A photo tour of some of the Treasure Valley's ethnic food offerings
From dim sum to croquettas, the valley's plate is getting more flavorful.

Boise's Food Trucks

A visual tour of Boise's mobile eateries
From tacos to salads and pulled pork sliders, there's something for all tastes.

What Potato?

Ditch Idaho's famous tuber for these Boise food finds
Some of our favorite finds from area specialty food stores.

Get Out Of Town

Noteworthy far-flung grub
Where to eat when out of the valley.

Expanding Palates

Boise's array of ethnic markets offers culinary options
More food choices coming to the Treasure Valley.

Distinctive Dozen

Dishes that will keep you coming back for more
If you're a foodie in Boise, you'd better check these off your list.


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