Annual Manual

Annual Manual: 
A City Guide to the City of Trees

Annual Manual: A City Guide to the City of Trees

The city of Boise has, quite literally, deep roots. Legend has it that Boise, now Idaho's largest city, was founded by a group of French fur trappers who, after cresting the arid foothills to the eas, looked down into a lush, tree-filled valley with a river running through it.

Annual Manual: Intro

We have a Plan, a Master Plan!

Boise's Department of Arts & History tackles evolving city culture Lex Nelson
The mission of the Boise City Department of Arts & History is simple: "To enhance Boise by providing leadership, advocacy, education, services and support for arts and history in order for people to create, engage and connect with the community." This year, the department took its charge to the next level with the City of Boise Cultural Master Plan, a 127-page document-slash-book that serves as a deep dive into Boise culture, its current resources and the ways it might be preserved and encouraged in the future.

Annual Manual: Arts

Public Works (of Art)

If you live in Boise, you are automatically a collector
As Boise evolves, so grows its public arts program. This is largely because in 2001 the city implemented the "Percent for Art" ordinance, which dedicates 1 percent of the total cost of capital improvement projects within city limits to the Boise City Department of Arts and History.

Annual Manual: Arts

Room Service

In downtown Boise, 10 hotels (old and new) provide almost 2,000 rooms and millions of dollars in economic impact
When referring to downtown Boise visitors, the Greater Boise Auditorium District and the Boise Convention and Visitor's Bureau use the very unofficial term, "heads on beds." Back in July 2015, there weren't nearly enough beds to accommodate the conventions and meetings travel officials believed Boise should and could be hosting.

Annual Manual: Housing

PARK-ING in boise

This city is serious about recreation
If the powers that be wanted to change Boise's nickname, "The City of Parks" would be fairly accurate. According to the Parks & Recreation Department (, there are 90 park sites (77 developed, 13 undeveloped) under the purview of Parks & Rec.

Annual Manual: Open Spaces

X Marks the (Free) Spot

With cost of metered and lot parking on the rise and new construction reducing the number of already limited options, finding a free space in downtown Boise is like hitting the jackpot
Dig deep into the Fiscal Year 2018 proposed budget for the City of Boise and you'll find city officials are counting on motorists to pay a lot more for the privilege of parking downtown—budget writers are projecting parking revenues to increase by 16 percent in the coming year. Much of the increase is rooted in "right-pricing" meters, which means the closer to the downtown core you are, the more it costs to park.

Annual Manual: Transportation

Fare Fairs

In a town not lacking for eateries, local food festivals still draw thousands. Below is just a taste of the annual fests in and around Boise that honor food, foodies and food culture. Bon apetit!
Food festivals date back thousands of years to when villagers would celebrate harvests, mark the autumnal equinox and pay homage to deities like Gaia (the Greek goddess of Earth), Bacchus (the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility) and Demeter (the Greek goddess of corn, grain and the harvest). Today, food festivals are different—there's electricity for one —but the celebratory spirit remains.

Annual Manual: Food

That's Amore

For those times when only a slice will do, these are some of our favorite pizza places (in alphabetical order)
Flatbread Neapolitan Flatbread locally sources ingredients when possible, and also donates back to the community.

Annual Manual: Food

Listen Up

Some—just some—of the bands in Boise to keep an ear out for
There are hundreds of bands in Boise, so consider this short list (in no particular order) of relatively new groups a musical Whitman's Sampler—you'll get a taste of what Boise bands have to offer, you'll want more and you might even find a new favorite flavor. Ealdor Bealu

Annual Manual: Nightlife

Seeing the Forest for the Treefort

The annual festival has become a snapshot of Boise culture
Credit is due to Treefort Music Fest, the brat prince of Boise. In its six years, it has brought thousands of bands and fans from around the country to the City of Trees.

Annual Manual: Culture

What's That Sound?

Some—just some—of the best recent recordings to come out of Boise
So much good music comes out of Boise, it's hard to keep track of it all. The albums listed below (in alphabetical order by artist/band) aren't the complete cream of the crop, but more like a playlist.

Annual Manual: Culture

Big, Branched, Beautiful

Exploring Idaho's national forests
Idaho is rich with veins of precious minerals, metals and gems; but the "Gem State" moniker is a nod to its snow-capped mountains, crystal lakes, deep canyons and rugged wilderness. If you want to see where the Gem State really sparkles, visit Idaho's national forests.Boise National Forest--2.6 million+ acres

Annual Manual: Recreation

'Round the State

Find an outdoor adventure in every corner of Idaho
Sun Valley

Annual Manual: Recreation

History in Unexpected Places

A host of historic landmarks found right here in Idaho
Idaho is one of the least densely populated regions in the country, but it still boasts a rich history. Even if you grew up here and remember your fourth grade state history unit, there might be a few surprises hidden in this list.

Annual Manual: Recreation

Ski Resorts

Around Idaho
Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area Boise, 208-332-5100,

Annual Manual: Recreation


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