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Annual Manual 2018: Badges of Honor

Annual Manual 2018: Badges of Honor

Along the way, you'll stack up a nice collection of merit badges and end up well prepared to blaze down many of Boise's important, and sometimes imposing, trails.
The very idea of scouting and being recognized for meritorious achievement is set deep in Idaho's DNA. One of its earliest practitioners was Sacagawea, who scouted the uncharted territory of the Mountain West in the early 1800s (yes, Lewis and Clark were along for the walk).

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Annual Manual 2018: Will Crawl for Art

These nine Boise galleries are worth the trek
Art Source Gallery One of Boise's primary bastions of high-quality, original artwork, Art Source Gallery features work from 35-40 artists and offers a variety of media, including photography, paintings, jewelry, sculptures, ceramics and glassworks.

Annual Manual: Arts

Annual Manual 2018: Fare-Minded

A look at the state of Boise's public transit options
With the goal of moving more people to more places more often, Valley Regional Transit, the region's transportation authority, has merged some of its most sweeping proposed changes to date, into the fast lane.

Annual Manual: Transportation

Annual Manual 2018: Boise Gets Bugged?

The trend of eating insects may soon hit the City of Trees full force
At Idaho Botanical Garden's Bug Day celebration in 2017, kids munched their way through plastic cups of crickets dusted in flavors like cheesy ranch, Buffalo wing and hickory smoked bacon courtesy of the College of Idaho's Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History. While the so-called "Pestaurant" may have turned a few grown-up stomachs, it was right on the cutting edge of haute cuisine.

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Annual Manual 2018: Top of the Pops

How Boise's movie theater popcorn measures up
Food critics practically trip over one another in their rush to critique culinary delights. But we ask you: Where are the popcorn pundits?

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Annual Manual 2018: A Seat At the Table (Or at Least Nearby)

Exploring Boise's dog-friendly bars, restaurants and patios
Last year, the personal finance company SmartAsset ranked the top 10 most dog-friendly cities in the U.S., chosen for their high numbers of dog parks per capita, stocks of dog-friendly shops and restaurants, walkability and more. San Francisco; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Tucson, Arizona; were the top three.

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Annual Manual 2018: Chow After Midnight

Check out Boise's hotspots for late-night eats
Some people forget to eat until the night's almost over, and on weekends that can mean going to bed both hungry and tipsy. To the hard partier despairing of the lack of after-hours options and ready to call a ride-share: Stay your hand.

Annual Manual: Food

Annual Manual 2018: Best in Show

Boise's performing arts festivals are places to watch impressive people do impressive things
As Boise's art and music scenes have matured, the City of Trees has become a Mecca for creative types and home to plenty of events showcasing their work to local devotees. Whether that work is music, dance, visual arts or comedy, Boise has a festival to celebrate it.

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Annual Manual 2018: Boise GreenBike: Raising the Seat Post

Boise's own bike-share has become one of the most iconic ways to get around the City of Trees
There was work to be done at Boise GreenBike's State Street headquarters. A shipment of 90 bikes had arrived from a sister program in Topeka, Kansas, several of which waited for mechanics to mine them for spare parts.

Annual Manual: Recreation

Annual Manual 2018: Bragging Rights

Brag: 1. (verb) to say in a boastful manner; 2. (adjective) excellent, first-rate
The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce has never had it so easy. Never in the history of Boise has the City of Trees been lavished with so many "Top 10" or "Best of..." listings.  

Annual Manual: Critical Knowledge

Annual Manual 2018: The Ever-Changing Face of Boise

Tides change but hope remains: "It's more than a job. It is my mission to help people."
If there was ever a "worst day in Boise," June 30, 2018, may have been it. Nearly a month later, the city is still reeling from the events that unfolded at the Wylie Street apartment complex in northwest Boise.

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Annual Manual 2018: Small Spaces, Big Eats

Growing food in an urban apartment is easier than you think
Lindsay Schramm could—and often does—spend her whole day talking about vegetables. As a co-owner of North End Organic Nursery in Garden City, it's part of her job.

Annual Manual: Critical Knowledge

Annual Manual 2018: Boise's Unfilled Labor Pool

A new Idaho Department of Labor report breeds occupational optimism
"Americans," wrote The Economist in 2017, "are admirably optimistic about shaping their own future." That's especially true in Boise, where people are relocating in droves, searching for a higher quality of life, good schools, safe neighborhoods, outdoor recreation and, of course, a gig to put food on the table.

Annual Manual: Critical Knowledge

Annual Manual 2018: What to Toss and Where to Toss It

Everything you need to know about Boise's new recycling program
Like most American cities, Boise has its share of conversations about politics, sports, the arts and the weather. But never before in the city's history has there been so much trash-  talk—in the nicest possible way.

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