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Welcome to the Game

Welcome to the Game

As history teacher Mr. Spenser told teen drama king Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, "Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules."

Annual Manual: Intro

'Idaho' in Ireland

Gem State author Emily Ruskovich wins the International DUBLIN Literary Award
Emily Ruskovich always wanted to go to Ireland. When she was in college, she won a writing contest with a cash prize of $2,000, and she planned to use her winnings to buy a plane ticket.

Annual Manual: Arts

Please Sit on the Art

Garden SITy benches add 'a little extra something' to the Greenbelt
Most art isn't made for touching, let alone lounging, but the pieces in the Garden City Arts Commission's Garden SITy Art Bench Project are the exception to the rule.

Annual Manual: Arts

Home Is Where the Art Is

A look at artist-in-residence programs in Boise and beyond
The way Jodi Eichelberger explains it, encountering art can be a very singular experience. As the program director for Surel's Place, a nonprofit artist residency that brings in creative people from across the globe, his mission includes making art accessible.

Annual Manual: Arts

Behind the Morrison Center Curtain

Meet the people who make Boise State University's picture-perfect spaces possible
Fifteen years ago, John Barrie answered an advertisement calling for a custodian to join the Facilities Operations and Maintenance team at Boise State University. It changed his life.

Annual Manual: Jobs & Economy


How e-scooters took over Boise
Ask a Boise local if traffic has gotten worse over the last five years, and they'll say that's an understatement. Congestion, especially downtown and on thoroughfares, has become noticeably worse.

Annual Manual: Transportation


Social media give a boost to Boise's growing vegan scene
In April of this year, the downtown Boise breakfast spot High Note Cafe announced on Facebook that it would ditch meat and dairy for good.

Annual Manual: Food

A Quintessentially Boise Bar

One BW bar reviewer's boozy dreamscape
Picture it like an ongoing genie's wish. You approach the dark wooden bar top and scan the seemingly endless line of taps, mostly local brews.

Annual Manual: Food

Who Runs Boise's Funniest Instagram Account?

@OverheardBoise is a gigantic success—and a complete mystery
"I hope they turn the music back up so I can fart." - Overheard at Broadway Bar

Annual Manual: Culture

Dressing Down, Dressing Up

Boise Weekly goes behind the scenes at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival Costume Shop
In an unassuming warehouse near Harris Ranch in East Boise is a room with racks of period clothing almost two stories high, where bins of codpieces and crowns share a shelf for the sake of alphanumeric order. That warehouse and a couple of cargo containers out back are the Idaho Shakespeare Festival Costume Shop, and it's hard to imagine any filing system, let alone a person, having a firm grasp of it all—but then, there's ISF Costume Director Esther Haberlen.

Annual Manual: Culture

From Refuge to Resource

The Community Center has offered Boise decades of LGBTQ support
Before moving to Idaho in 1977, Judy and Robert Cross lived in Tennessee. Virginia skirted their backyard, and Judy said she could "throw a rock into Kentucky."

Annual Manual: Culture

The Best (and Most Read) Dad Jokes in Idaho

More than 60,000 people pass by the American Cleaning Service billboard each week
For nearly seven decades, the billboard on Front Street outside American Cleaning Service Co. has been one of the most-read billboards in the state of Idaho. Every week, more than 60,000 people drive by it, but apart from bearing the ACSC logo, it isn't pushing a sale.

Annual Manual: Culture

'A Record Is a Journey'

The Record Exchange remains a staple of the Boise music scene
There once was a time when you could shoot a cannon through downtown Boise without hitting a thing, and gravel lots peppering the city's core still had hopes of becoming a mall. Needless to say, the city had yet to hit its stride.

Annual Manual: Shop

Time to Let Loose

New ranges add to Boise's vibrant archery scene
2019 has been a big year for Treasure Valley archers—bowhunters and recreational shooters alike.

Annual Manual: Recreation


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