Anonymously Single: An Introduction 

Editor's note: It's not every day (or every year for that matter) that Boise Weekly introduces a new contributor. So, I'm thrilled to introduce you to...well, we'll get to her identity in a second. For some time now, BW has bandied about the idea of a column that specifically navigates the minefield of dating in Boise. Lo and behold, our patience was rewarded when we met a young woman with more than a few things to say about her dating experiences.

Her name? We call her Anonymously Single. Beginning this week, and continuing twice monthly, she'll share her often-hilarious experiences out on the town. Additionally, she has agreed to field your questions and comments about your own dating life. Feel free to shoot her an email at or follow here on Instagram @anonymouslysingle. Here's her debut:

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  • Matthew Edwards & BW Staff

Do you ever find yourself navigating the single life and wondering, "What would Carrie Bradshaw do?" I mean, what if Sex and the City had taken place today instead of decades ago? (Yes, it's been over a decade since the series ended.) How would the storylines have been altered with the use of filters, Tinder and ghosting? Can you imagine the selfies and Snapchat stories from Samantha? Even Kim Kardashian couldn't keep up! How many times would Carrie have watched those three little dots appear and disappear before Big ghosted her, only to reappear after she'd finally decided to splurge on the 6-month The man had such epic timing...

Well, have no fear, because your new single girl is here! I'm no New Yorker, and the only Louis Vuitton in my closet is a knockoff I bought from a guy at the beach on my last girls trip, but I have a core group of girlfriends, a lifetime of dating horror stories and an ex that won't go away. I've been set up by almost everyone I know, met guys in bars, tried online services and still find myself having conjugal visits with the ex. He's not in prison, but I feel our "relationship" at this point is best described using that term. As we get to know each other better I think you will come to agree with me.

Maybe it's because I grew up listening to Delilah on the radio or because my grandmother religiously read Dear Abby—my mom still clips newspaper articles for me to read—but I decided to start this column about what it's like to be single. Why not? We're a badass group of women with a voice. We're attractive, smart, fun and looking for our equals. We won't settle. Maybe it's hard to find that guy when we're a bottle of wine down, sitting in our sweats and watching Netflix, but don't judge us!

Who am I? I'm a Boise native, college-educated, home-owning career girl that likes to have a good time. My hobbies are sipping wine, bubble baths, watching crime documentaries or chick flicks, and listening to '80s music. I love my family and can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm always down for girls nights, pedicures and happy hours. I'm excited for this adventure connecting with you and swapping stories about the men we love, hate and can't seem to get rid of.

It's not all about me. I want to hear from you. What relationship threw you over the edge? What ex keeps resurfacing? Who did you write off too soon and wish you could have a second chance with? How many guys have you seen on Tinder and asked yourself, "Where do these people come from?" or say "I didn't know you could pierce that!"

If you're taken, God bless you, and I hope you hug your significant other a little tighter after hearing what it's like in the trenches. But if you're a fellow single girl, I hope this column helps you feel less alone. Let's have a glass of wine. Cheers to just being us!

Hit me up at, or on Instagram at @anonymouslysingle.



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