Anonymously Single: Charles 

Money doesn't buy happiness.

The setups kept coming from all directions. Friends, co-workers, neighbors and even my parents' friends were trying to set me up. Heaven forbid I don't get married by 30. My mom has a friend, Margaret, who has been married a couple of times, and she is always trying to help people find love or talking about her own great loves. She wanted to help me find my great love.

Margaret was in a rotary group and there was a nice, successful, single man she wanted to set me up with. He was new in town and had come to Boise to run his aging uncle's business. I can appreciate a hard-working family man that likes to give back to his community, so I agreed to go on the date.

I let Margaret give Charles my number and we arranged to meet. Charles lived in Eagle, so I met him out there and he had a nice date planned where we walked along the greenbelt and dined around some of the restaurants along the river. It was creative and I enjoyed going to some places I hadn't been to.

On our second date, he took me to his country club where I learned how to eat an artichoke. I can't decide if sucking on an artichoke or eating hot wings off the bone is a more awkward date food. I saw a different side of Charles as he name-dropped and talked about his family home in Switzerland. He drove me home in his Porsche and as we went down 13th Street, he told me about how he hates the liberals in the North End, and they all belong at the YMCA.

As a Boise native, I love the charm of the North End and appreciate the services of the YMCA. I felt this was big talk for someone who inherited his money, and everybody knows it's fun to stay at the YMCA. Needless to say, we had shared our last artichoke at the country club.

Have you dated a millionaire? Can money ever really buy you happiness? Cheers to clipping coupons!


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