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Not up to these extra-curricular activities...

After the wedding I threw myself into chick flicks, ice cream and a significant amount of wine. I had never felt so blindsided and rejected. I didn't realize then that was still the beginning with X because it had felt so final. In an effort to get me back on my feet, some of my friends decided to set me up.

My friend Tina had married a guy a little older than us and therefore he had a different set of friends. That alone made her setup seem more promising. She arranged for a double date where the four of us could casually meet for happy hour and see where the night took us.

The only information I had from this guy was that his name was Eli, and he and Tina's husband grew up together. I walked in with a positive attitude, cute outfit and fresh mani-pedi. I was ready to take another chance. When I met Eli, I remember thinking he was tall and attractive, but there was something familiar about him. I tried to piece it together by asking a variety of questions.

It only took three questions...he was a teacher. MY TEACHER! Eli was also Mr. Smith, my ninth-grade English teacher! I was horrified at first, but then I thought, "Well, I am a long way from junior high and teachers are people too." I will admit that first date was a little strange while I processed some things internally.

Mr. Smith and I went on a couple more dates, the third one being dinner at his house. After dinner he took me into the TV room to watch a movie and I noticed pictures of the soccer teams he'd coached. Including the years I was in school. I saw my friends in those pictures as young girls and while there was nothing creepy about it, I was done.

Have you ever dated someone from your childhood? Have you ever legally dated a student? Cheers to no more report cards!

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