Anonymously Single: 'Paul' Part 3 

Do you have a past love that you wish you could apologize to?

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The day after my Valentine's Day meltdown, my grandmother fell. She broke her hip and she never really recovered. I was in a dark place. My grandmother was the heart of my family. I learned to ride a bike in her driveway, she was at every sporting event and school function, and I'll never forget her chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't imagine life without her.

This heartache bled into my relationship. I didn't spend as much time with Paul because I wanted to be with my grandmother or supporting my grandfather. I used my time with them as an excuse. My grandparents loved Paul.

At that time, the majority of my friends were single as well so they were always telling me I didn't need him and I could do better. If I was frustrated that we hadn't gone out or he was spending his money on frivolous things, they were the first to encourage me to dump him. Sadly, that peer pressure got to me.

About a month after my grandmother fell, I distanced myself from him. I called it off, and I immediately regretted it. I tried to go back to him, but the damage was done. However, sometimes tequila talks, and one night after some drinks I ran into him at a bar—the same bar where we danced on our first date. We ended up messing around. The next day we talked on the phone and he was willing to give me another chance, but I'd have to move in with him. I still wasn't ready for that so he was done.

He met someone a few months later and married her. They started a family and I couldn't be happier for him. He called me after my grandmother died. I told him my grandfather displayed a picture of the four of us from that Valentine's Day dinner at her funeral. I cried after we hung up the phone just like I'm crying now.

Do you have a past love that you wish you could apologize to? Cheers to Paul and his beautiful family.


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