Anonymously Single: X-The Beginning 

Anonymously Single writes about the beginning of her back-and-forth with X

I have started and stopped this column more times than I can count. X is my Mr. Big. The joy and pain I have felt over the last 5 years are nearly impossible for me to put into words. X will drift in and out of my story much like Mr. Big came and went in Carrie Bradshaw. This is our beginning, before all the make-up and breakups (Spoiler alert: I do not end up marrying him with a bird on my head or in a courtroom wearing Manolo Blahniks)

I was downtown one night with some of my girlfriends. I had seen X around, but we had never introduced ourselves. After some liquid courage we made contact. We flirted some, but nothing really evolved. Well, that is until a couple more bars and too many drinks later when I decided to add him on Facebook and send him a message. Much to my surprise when I woke up sober in the morning, he had responded.

We exchanged a few messages that week and he invited me to join him at his favorite bar for drinks. I will call this bar the Bronco Bar and much of our story plays out at this establishment. X is a diehard Bronco and doesn't stray often from his favorite bar stool (Red Flag #1). I was happy to join him for drinks that first night. I was so embarrassed by my previous behavior that I couldn't believe he wanted to see me again. That night was very low-key and when I left, I remember him watching me walk away and saying, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave." I really hate that that quote is taking up space in my brain, but alas I cannot forget it.

Why are we blind to the red flags in the beginning? How do we get from red flags to green lights? Cheers to staying on track even after a few speed bumps and crashes.


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