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Re: “Libertarians

First, I’m not writing this to rebut or to disprove you. I just wanted to illustrate for you, clearly, how being lazy can really work. To do so, I will use your genius writing style and attempt to change your mind with as few word changes as possible. This is what I would hope a reader would walk away with if they read my version of your beautiful article. “In a true democracy – every voice can be heard.” Here we go: So, were you listening? Did you hear what I said? I said "EVERY voice can be heard!" And to make certain you understand exactly what I'm talking about, I did not say "Libertarians are not loony!" I speak specifically for and on behalf of that odd and small subspecies of American politics that is getting more attention than it has ever. Because, of the eccentric presidential candidacy of Ron Paul, people are actually researching our nations history, joining campaings, and being nice to eachother and the needy. I have chosen this moment to write of their looniness for two reasons: Paul's strong undertow of support among disgruntled Americans, and your little doubt that the original column would produce a slew of indignant rebuttals—You probably got almost as many as you expected to receive but almost overlooked my work-in-progress. “Everyone deserves to be heard, everyone, for a democracy to work." (Which I intend to hold in reserve as my weapon until we see if anyone is still around for the Ron Paul and Osama debate.)—which is fine by me. It is my opinion that without the capacity to generate a steady and dependable flow of indignant, downgrading, ridiculous, unbelievable, fecal spews of the media washed majority - and , an alternative weekly newspaper - we might as well rename ourselves RonPaulVille because the Scene changes when they run out of time, and people discover that that the system is full of lies. But, I'm not writing this simply to rattle a cage. The more relevant reason I bring it up is that I truly believe Libertarians are NOT that loony, and now, when so much shallow attention is slopping our way, it is as good a time as any to examine why I believe such a thing. First, though, allow me to amend my initial statement to the extent that I believe Libertarians to be only semi-loony. Like ... half loony. So,” not that loony” isn’t really right. I pray that this softening of my original premise in no way curtails the volume of indignant rebuttals from the majority of our nation, which does no research and lives mainly from the light of their televisions - I'm expecting, the truth. Regarding approximately half of the Libertarian platform, I side with them wholeheartedly. When it comes to their refusal to take part in the Republican harassment of our homosexual citizenry, I'm Libertarian. When it comes to their disdain of the nation's drug policies or their insistence that free speech must be unconditional, I am Libertarian. When it comes to their loathing of foreign entanglements—and in particular, Ron Paul's demand that we get our troops out of Iraq and never again behave so stupidly—call me a Libertarian. But from here forwards—or more accurately, backwards—the Libertarians and I at one time had parted company! For, as adamantly progressive as they may seem to be regarding social or personal matters, they are even more adamantly regressive on matters of governance and economics. I thought this was a bad thing, because we had been trained to focus away from our government actions through having "patriotism" as our main goal. Then, the literature they tacked up on the Internet telephone pole changed my mind! I understood what our country once was, and why our families came here in the beginning and realized that property rights are as inalienable as - in fact identiacl to -human rights, and whenever self-professed Libertarians actually come to power—e.g., our own Gov. Butch Otter—you'll notice they generally expend a great deal more energy trying to strengthen those regulatory bodies designed to protect the interests of workers, consumers, air breathers, water drinkers and food eaters than they ever spend on liberalizing drug laws or defending free speech. This, because free speech doesn’t have to be defended when you take the governments completely out of the speech limiting business. It’s virtually free to end free speech entangling laws. Libertarians insist (a tad self-righteously, I also have to think) that every tenet of their political faith is rooted in the U.S. Constitution— not everything that wasn’t in the Founding Fathers version should be included in that document we have today. It must have been ignored for some great time now. So, we have expanded on the Constitutional mandate of free trade and commerce that the concept is “agorism" (from the crossword puzzle answer for the clue "a Greek market.") An ardent agorist holds that any and all matters of human interaction could be handled better by private citizens in the pursuit of their own happiness (also in the document) than the government agencies that have long since stopped being effective, organized, offices. So much to the extent that they aren’t trusted, believed, and are even loathed, everywhere. You see, Libertarians hate government like a pit-bull owner hates dog licensing. They have conjured up such an extreme trust in the virtues of Austrian economics that they consider it the ultimate solution to every predicament. Their solution is quite different than that of the majority of Americans which is all-out war. We also believe that society might get itself into a situation where good people actually know other good people and that everyone isn’t such a pessimist that believes the system will never “work” or that things aren’t “fair” or that no one can actually affect the presidential election process. Even worse: those who don’t understand that there are millions of good people, working vigorously, traveling, blogging, and campaigning, call them lazy. • Look, I know it isn’t easy. It isn't. To stand on the sidelines as a minuscule third party and declare that the institutions were established specifically to protect our freedoms. Our common freedoms (check it out). That our agencies of governance, in other words—are broken-down. It’s hard for us to get this message across. Our worthless heaps of bureaucratic junk in congress, the white house, and all of Washington think it's easy (and relatively effortless) to hold a position that all of society's organizational work worth doing has already been done. Over the past 200 years, men so much wiser than today's leaders, tried to improve on what those men started – by agreeing with the people of the states that it would limit itself, and not take the things outlined in the constitution away, ever. I know, It's so much easier to endlessly complain about governmental inefficiency than to roll up one's sleeves and make it work better. So, instead of beginning what has to begin, the majority of people just throw money at it and tell it to do something to better itself. So, throw it away, rather than fix it. Let it spend, and never heal, let it fail, and never repay, let it lie, and never request truth, let it hide, and never seek, let it kill and never stop, let it dry up, and never try to help, let it go bankrupt and don’t tell it no, give it charge cards and let it go. Listen, It makes one wonder if Grover Norquist, famous for saying he'd like to reduce government to such a size he could drown it in a bath tub, would himself do the drowning, or hire someone in to do it for him. I conclude, he’d probably do a cost comparison, ask the people which they would prefer based on the cost comparison, and then do as indicated. Where is the evidence that an unregulated free market ran by the common people of the worlds most largely developed, most advanced, most moral society is any less efficient? Is any less power-hungry? Or any less corrupt than a two-party, directed, televised (extremely slanted) democratically elected leadership? Enron, Halliburton, they were created by banking geniuses who landed us in the current housing market mess ... Our own vice president’s wife was the director of one of them. So, should we really blame Enron? Do you think the vice first lady would allow the people of this nation to suffer like that? So what is it, this “agorism" they propose? Where is the evidence that our Founding Fathers, transported in time to today's world, wouldn't just shit a brick and immediately die? To understand how people were oblivious to the downfalls of regulatory agencies like OSHA, when our deficit began to grown, companies went bankrupt, and workmen’s comp became the first unregulated welfare project in the history of the world, they would just have to shit their pants and then die. Oblivious to the fact that we already had personal property (body) rights that were in the constitution, the FDA and EPA were created, and so where their legacies. WHAT? Does anyone remember the 1980’s episode where the FDA approved out of country shipments of Bayer’s medication for hemophiliac children AROUND THE WORLD… spoiler: it was known, by the FDA, to contain HIV. After all, even the brightest of those men had no notion of E-coli bacteria, let alone that it might end up in our Whoppers. They were present, they were armed, they were funded, and they were bankrupting us since 1907 – not 1985. So, ask yourself – when Jack-in-the-box introduced us to E.Coli, why wasn’t it stopped by the agencies in place, highly funded, that were assigned to prevent this type of occurrence? Their rignal role, what my granfather's dad voted for, was to train, to help, to encourage, and educate industry on proper production means. To help industry become streamlined, profficient, well oiled, safe machines through education and supplementation (funding). Not to fine, to regulate, to reprimand, and police the industry and the people to the point that sagging your pants can land you in a tax payer jail cell. That’s what the constitution was protecting us against, specifically. Not the exposed assess but the hidden ones. Asbestos and dioxins and nuclear waste had yet to be imagined, but the agencies that were designed to prevent this stuff were implemented in the 1900s through 1920s as well. The things listed here, at various times, have certainly been not only improved upon but also marketed by and recommended by the FDA, and EPA. Epa said "asbestos can lower your monethly heating bills by providing excellent insulation to your winter home." So how can one assume that Jefferson or Madison wouldn't do something to control their uses? Sweatshops were not yet even a gleam in an industrialist's eye by 1776; because they couldn’t imagine that a few men would promote this in a gentle, enduring society. They figured, without the central banking systems that had previously ravished, enslaved, and tortured the land from which they FLED, Americans could have an infinite future of happiness. So, why would they include workplace safety in the Bill of Rights? Because they had a constitution to make it federal law that no one could harm anyone. Even businesses. Ultimately, where is any evidence that the simplistic principles of Libertarian economics could possibly work in as complex a world as ours? No where. We are the only nation as complex as ours. We are the people who wanted something good, something right, something where people wern't told what to beleive. Smething limited with abusive powers. From every walk of life, we cam here, fought for it, died for it, and gave it away. One thing we know for sure, we musn't rely on our Libertarian neighbors to find this evidence (if it exists.) You should concut, now, an indepth review of, an extensive survey, if you could. This is easilly accomplished through a biref history review of the government's agencies. We already know the answer, it will cost more than we have –but that’s okay. Besides, there is nothing in the Constitution that requires political philosophies to be founded on reality, the founders thought that reality would be an obvious factor as people weren’t accustomed to believing in, actually living in, created realities and lies. OK, you indignant Libertarian bashers. Start your rebuttal engines ... uh, if it's not too much work, I mean. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

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Posted by Anthony Foster on 01/23/2008 at 10:00 AM

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