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Dear Minerva,

I really try to be open-minded and accept that we all come from different parts of the world and have different viewpoints, but recently one of my Facebook "friends" made some blatantly racist remarks. So my question is, do I call him out publicly like was done to Roseanne Barr, or just quietly unfriend him?

—Sincerely, Holding Back

Dear Holding Back,

I totally understand your desire to call a person out for racist remarks. My first question is, have you called him out privately? If you haven't first tried to bring it to his attention, then it is not a good idea to publicly shame a "friend." The first step is to make him aware. My second question would be, does he have the reach and influence that someone like Roseanne has? Roseanne has the power to affect people on a much larger level. Calling Roseanne out publicly was a result of her very public, widespread rantings. She made her viewpoints clear to millions and reaped what she sowed. Before you call him out publicly ask yourself if anyone will be affected by doing so. Sometimes, the best lesson can be taught by messaging him, telling him why he is wrong, and that, because of this, you cannot continue your friendship. Racism is not an acceptable opinion and no one is required to tolerate such rhetoric on social media or in daily life. If, however, you aren't open to a discussion/argument, quietly unfriend him and move on.

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