Tired of would-be artists armed with cans of spray paint and a hankering for a little vandalism?

Now is your chance to get out there and do a little painting of your own. The City of Boise is organizing a community graffiti clean up day on Oct. 27. Volunteers are needed to spread out across the city to help remove graffiti in the most problematic areas on both public and private land.

The event is part of an anti-graffiti movement being promoted by Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, who calls graffiti a "gateway crime." Dates for future clean ups will be announced at a later date.

Anyone who wants to get rid of some graffiti on their property, or who has seen problem areas, may call the mayor's hot line at 208-384-4404 to report the problem. Call 208-373-5485 to volunteer to clean up the graffiti.

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