Anybody got change for a million? 

Police in Twin Falls have arrested the man who tried to use nearly $1 billion in counterfeit bills as collateral for a loan. According to a story in the Twin Falls Times-News, Owen Jeffery Toone of Buhl was picked up after police gathered 999 intricately made bills--each claiming to be worth $1 million--from a local bank. Toone reportedly left the bills at the bank, where quick-thinking employees (OK, you don't have to be quick to realize there's no such thing as a million-dollar-bill) took down his contact information and called him later to collect some of his immense wealth. Police, of course, were waiting at the scene. Let's all say it together, now: "Owen, honey. C'mon. You can do better."

Police said the bills were impressively constructed, and probably came from the United Kingdom, Canada or Nigeria (apparently Idaho counterfeiters can't get any respect). The odd number of bills that have been seized also raises the possibility that others could still be in circulation. BW will be on the scene as soon as the next Magic Valley mook happens across one and inevitably thinks, "Now that's a lot of Meatnormous sandwiches and tall-boys!"

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