April 13, 2005 

Beaux Arts Wine Festival • Southwest Shows Some Taste • Catch You on the Flipside (Café) • The Loft: Grand Opening Friday • New Baja Fresh On Broadway

Beaux Arts Wine Festival

Attencion, bon vivants: The 18th Annual Beaux Arts Wine Festival-the biggest wine gala in the area-is happening April 17 through 23. There is seriously decadent wining and dining scheduled throughout, as well as wine tastings and various auctions. Bring your checkbooks. There's no need to feel guilty about all this conspicuous consumption-it all benefits the Boise Art Museum. For a complete schedule of events, see the A&E Extra in this paper.

For more information or to make a reservation, call the Beaux Arts Société at 345-8330, ext. 26, or visit Boise Art Museum's Web site, www.boiseartmuseum.org.

Southwest Shows Some Taste

Taste, that swanky little wine and beer establishment in Hyde Park, is getting some major attention. Spirit Magazine-Southwest Airlines' in-flight mag-published a flattering write-up in their April 2005 issue. Some superlatives include: "handsome," "sleek" and "sophisticated." "Oh, stop," says Taste. "You're making me blush."

Taste, 530 N. 13th St., 336-5122, www.richardsofhydepark.com.

Catch You on the Flipside (Café)

Attention fans of the Boise Co-op: As of Monday, the Flipside Café is open for business. They're going to take all those scrumptious and healthy ingredients they sell in the Co-op store and offer them up at the restaurant in innovative and tasty breakfasts and lunches. Their mission, according to kitchen manager Brook Slee, "is to serve fresh, innovative food with an emphasis on healthy eating, organic produce and products and vegetarian and vegan dishes," plus there's baked goodies, a full coffee bar and <gasp> dessert. Sounds good to us.

Flipside opened on Monday, April 11, without any self-generated fanfare. The actual Grand Opening (now cue that fanfare) will occur some months later in June. By then, they tell us, they'll really have it together in terms of kitchen and menu, thus ensuring a smooth event. With original and interesting dishes made with good ingredients, top-notch service and a rich, eclectic décor including original art displayed throughout the space, it's hard to imagine a miss.

Though Flipside Café is currently open on weekdays for breakfast and lunch (7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday), they'd like to generate enough interest to eventually extend their hours. Here's hoping.

Flipside Cafe, 808 W. Fort St., 472-1462, www.boisecoop.com.

The Loft: Grand Opening Friday

Armed with a full food menu (like pizza, steaks, wings and burgers), full bar and dance floor, the Loft makes its grand debut this Friday. They don't have a gala planned, but when you can attend three happy hours and on Friday and Saturdays dance until 4 a.m., who needs a couple of balloons and streamers? But how's this for a civically responsible gimmick: The Loft will also offer the services of a 1961 Cadillac limo to deliver home patrons who've tippled a few too many. The only requirement: tips. Sounds fair enough.

The Loft, 622 W. Idaho, 344-5223.

New Baja Fresh On Broadway

Baja Fresh, that purveyor of fast Mexican food, seems to everywhere, and when you want to grab a quick bite without worrying about surprises, this place is solid. Now there will be another Baja Fresh location on Broadway to serve your "quick casual" hopes and dreams.

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, 980 Broadway Ave., 331-1100.

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