April 26, 2006 

“Don't be afraid of what the night-time may bring. You must understand that you can dream of anything” —from “Sleep Like a Child” by Joss Stone

Dear Dream Zone, I dreamed I was at the dentist office and the dentist was looking at teeth x-rays. I'm looking in a box with my pet salamander, my two dogs and my daughter inside. She was very small like a plastic baby doll. I remember showing the dentist the box with them all in it. I left and when I came back the salamander had eaten my daughter and the two dogs and he had grown to about the size of our smallest dog! I kept thinking I should have taken the baby and the dogs out of there. How could I have been so stupid? —Carmen 33, Nampa, ID

Lauri:The box is your little world ... your household (houses are boxes we live in). Are you feeling lately like your daughter has somehow been diminished in your life (she was the size of a small doll)? Are you a working mom feeling a bit of guilt about that? The salamander symbolizes someone around you that has seemed "cold blooded" and "unemotional." Or perhaps you are the unemotional one. This may be why you are at the dentist office in your dream. as you may need to communicate a little better as far as family is concerned. Teeth in dreams are all about what you say, so a dentist is your ability to communicate in a healthy manner. Ask yourself what has been "eating away" at you lately. Your dream is showing you that—like the salamander—it is a growing problem that will affect your household if you do not "speak up" about it.

Carmen replies: Your interpretation was right on. I have been feeling a little cold blooded recently and not saying things that need to be said. Thank you.

Fascinating Dream Fact: A recent study at the University of Florence in Italy gathered 244 dreams from 35 musicians over a period of one month. 68 of those dreams contained music unfamiliar to the musician, showing us that we do create while dreaming.

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