April 27, 2005 

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Bennett Bashing

I expected the response from Gary Bennett (BW, MAIL, "To Believe or not to Believe," April 20, 2005). If local atheists have a monk, it's Bennett. Actually, he's more anti-theist than atheist. His personal secular rewrite of American history causes him to miss the irony of "godless Americans."

Of course you don't have to be a Christian to engage in political discourse. But to Bennett, it's as if every ugly event in history hides a Christian under some rock. It makes one think Bennett was treated poorly by Christians in his youth. Someone needs to apologize to him for that. I'm sorry.

No serious historian would blame Hitler's holocaust or Stalin's bloody purges on early Christian upbringing. If anything, it proves they abandoned their faith and embraced a violent form of unbelief. Nietzsche predicted that because God died in the 19th century, the 20th century would become the bloodiest century in history. Hitler and Stalin proved him right.

Bennett accepts the fallacious materialist assumption that atheist Anthony Flew is now questioning because the scientific method is producing evidence in biology that materialism cannot answer. Bennett makes the curious statement about the supernatural when he says, "If it exists." Gary, if there is a "beyond the natural," then God is also a possibility. Bennett's equating God with the tooth fairy is laughable and illogical. He ignores the sound historical and archeological evidence that God existed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If you want to learn the true legacy of atheism, read The Real Face of Atheism by Ravi Zacharias. And what is that "face"? Ultimately it is meaningless despair. Atheist poster boy Nietzsche spent the last decade of his life in an insane asylum. But I suppose Bennett will find a way to blame Christians for that, too.

-Gary "bad penny" Miller,


Hey conservatives!

I thought we had a deal! You know, conservative Christians go to Heaven and 'liberools' go to Hell. It was a sweet deal; though we may have to live with each other in this life, in the hereafter, we would be free of each other at last! Conservatives would be in Heaven at the right hand of God, the rest of us in Satan's sitting room.

But you conservatives are not holding up your end of the deal. What with BushCorp's lies, elective war and collateral damage excuses, and Rush Limbaugh's drug habit and 32 marriages and Newt Gingrich's 42 marriages and Bill Bennett's "hard eight" gambling habit and Tom DeLay's dirty, well, everything, it looks like before long there will be a conservative Christian take-over of Lucifer's lounge!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how many everyday conservatives are living private lives of sin. There must be thousands! Looks like we may all have to spend an eternity in Beelzebub's basement...together!

-Chris Morris,


Keen green

Your April 20-27 issue had many valuable articles (BW, The Green Issue). I feel strongly that your paper provides a welcome viewpoint in a city with one daily newspaper.

Your idea of "bringing it back to the land" as expressed by many of your writers made for interesting reading. And Bingo's rural background lends credibility to this subject.

Your excellent issue spurs me to write you about how valuable Suzann Bell's GREEN columns have been. I urge you to encourage Suzann's writing, and to continue including her column. She provides us with timely, valuable gardening and other outdoor information.

-Bill Mattox,


Mail of the Week: Sometimes we've just got to pick the suck-up for our mail of the week award. Not only do I have a rural background, but Nicholas Collias grew up on a sheep ranch, too. And we agree, Suzann Bell's columns are great, being local, topical and relevant to Boise garden buffs. Unfortunately, her column only appears every two to three weeks. That's why, beginning in a few weeks, we're supplementing the GREEN section with other gardening writers. We've got a couple good ones already but we're also still looking for more voices who wish to write about growing things. For his mail, Bill wins our well-thumbed copy of the 2005 Old Farmer's Almanac.

Liberal readers

A conservative friend of mine asked me if I was still sending letters to the liberal newspaper, and I replied, yes. It's only a liberal paper because liberals know how to read. Conservatives get their news from Bushite propagandists masquerading as newsmen, Limbaugh bimbos, River Rat bull shippers, and other presidential deluders. Case in point. Another conservative pal of mine told me that the outrageous gasoline prices are the fault of the EPA and its 31 additives. Fancy that. Those of us who read know there are many causes, the primary being the greed of the Bushites running Exxon and Mobil Oil who are enjoying record profits at our expense.

-Joe Bejsovec,


PS: If we can afford a stupid, unnecessary war, we can afford Social Security.

PPS: The next administrations are going to take eight years to recover from Bush's mess.


The move of Sen. Frist to use the "nuclear option" is a blatant power play in an unethical atempt to "load" the judicial system with reactionary right-wing extremists who will follow their party line without regard to the law of the land.

It is my belief, as a lifelong Republican, that to so further unbalance the "system" would have lasting and very detrimental effects on the welfare of this nation, and urge everyone to contact their senators to demand that the filibuster be left in place.

-Sidney S. Keith,


The pope-cycle

I know that you, or anyone on the staff didn't do the research on the piece "End of the World Update" (BW, Curious Times, April 20, 2005), but you did put it in your paper, soooo ... It has been known for about 400 years that Prophecies of St. Malachy were written by Dom Arnold de Wyon in 1595-450 years after Malachy died. That they were attributed to Malachy has always brought a smile.

The scary fact that you all have to live with is I, YES I, WILL BE THE LAST POPE! THAT'S RIGHT, ME!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Warmest regards,

-The King

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