April 5, 2018: What to Know 

  • Facebook now says the data of up to 87 million users may have been improperly shared with a political consulting firm with links to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. The New York Times reports Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify to Congress next week.

  • The University of Idaho student senate voted last night to call for U of I Athletic Director Rob Spear's resignation. Spear has been placed on administrative leave after being accused of mishandling the reporting of a sexual abuse complaint involving student athletes.

    Earlier this week, in announcing the order of administrate leave for Spear, University President Chuck Staben said, "Understanding how we’ve handled situations in the past and how we can improve is essential. We have a responsibility to provide our students, and our student-athletes, with the best college experience and the most support possible. We are committed to meeting these expectations.”
  • A new study indicates that millennials are less likely to send back restaurant food, even if it's bad. The Generational Consumer Trend Report, cited by restaurantbusiness.com and based on a survey of 1.8 million people, revealed that even though millennials may be particular about their food, and especially their coffee, they're reluctant to send a meal or beverage back if it's sub-par. Fifty-two percent of millennials in the study said sending food back made them uncomfortable, and 15 percent said they wouldn't send back a meal no matter what.

  • Recent comments from the chairman of NBC Entertainment has some viewers who love reboots cheering, and some television purists fuming. The Hollywood Reporter says Bob Greenblatt, appearing before the 12th annual Power Lawyers breakfast in Los Angeles April 4, said he wouldn't rule out a reboot of The Office or The West Wing. Greenblatt's comments come in the wake of very successful relaunches of Roseanne and Will & Grace. But Greenblatt draws the line on Friends or Seinfeld, saying revival of those popular series "will never happen."

  • A contestant on the April 2 episode of Jeopardy crushed a category dedicated to Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon. Entertainment Weekly reports that the contestant, named Emily, ran the table and even earned a personal congratulations from Witherspoon herself. Witherspoon also cast some shade on one of Emily's competitors, tweeting, "You gotta be quicker than that, Daniel!"

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