Around the Valley in 136 Minutes 

We admit it: It's fun to write about car chases. Especially when taking place on roads we frequent, they seem to give a little extra drama to our ever-longer daily commute. But in the case of Scott Dennis Davis, even we just have to sit back and let loose a stupefied, "Daaaa-yum!"

Details are still sketchy about Davis's day at the races, but here's what Boise Police have released so far: At 12:50 a.m. o September 15, they were alerted by Garden City Police that someone had rolled into town in a stolen white Pontiac Grand Am with Washington plates. Officers soon picked up the scent (of burned rubber) near the intersection of State and 28th streets, but were quickly ditched by the speedy driver, who they say was probably high on methampetamine. While heading through the North End on North 30th, the suspect abandoned his Pontiac and stole a yellow Honda Civic, which he promptly used, according to witnesses, to try to run over a bystander. He then sped over to Harrison Boulevard., up to Hill Road, and back west to Ellens Ferry Road, where he exchanged the Civic for a purple Plymouth Breeze. Armed with this sporty little number, the suspect headed back up State St. to Capitol Boulevard, which he drove up the wrong way for over a mile to Boise Avenue, from Boise to Protest Road, from Protest onto the Bench and onto Overland, from Overland onto Interstate 84, off the freeway onto the Orchard St. exit, from Orchard to Roosevelt Street--where he stole a fourth car, a green Hyundai--back to Overland, west to Curtis and into the side of the Glenbrook Apartments at the corner of Cassia and Curtis. (It's called, buddy. And it's free.)

Police finally apprehended Davis at 3:06 p.m., when he strolled out of an apartment at the building into which he had crashed. Police say they aren't aware if he was acquainted with the woman and two small children staying in the apartment, but it did not appear to be a hostage situation. The final stats on his adventure: Over 20 miles traveled, in just under two-and-a-half hours; no accidents or injuries caused, but the suspect attempted to swap paint with three different patrol cars at least five times during the race; maximum speeds of over 60 mph, mostly on residential streets; nine felony charges including aggravated assault, eluding police, parole violations and an outstanding forgery charge; one misdemeanor charge of failure to appear; and several more charges probably to come, since Davis is a suspect in several other recent vehicle thefts.

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