Art History Lecture With Elliot Anderson 

Thursday, Jan. 16

Some think of fine art as something high-society folks admire through a pair of designer bifocals while sipping wine and caressing their fancy cat. In truth, art is seen and appreciated by all in one form or another, and it is a link that bridges cultures and generations--particularly the ubiquitous landscape painting. There's a good chance you've seen one on a hotel room wall, in a doctor's office waiting area or at Aunt Martha's house, and there's a good chance it made its way into Elliot Anderson's exhibit, Average Landscapes. Anderson, who has worked in computer technology since the early '80s, culls tourist photographs of 19th century landscape paintings from the Internet and uses a software program he wrote to create digital composites. In his lecture, Anderson will talk about the "link between American landscape painting and American tourism" and how Average Landscapes--currently part of the Wish You Were Here exhibition at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts--"reimagines the American desire for the sublime." Leave the cat at home, but bring the bifocals just in case. Arrive at 5:30 p.m. for a tour of the exhibition.

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