Art in the Bar 

Galleries have long suckered folks in with the promise of free wine. There's something delightfully bourgeois about sipping a cold pinot gris and debating the merits of postmodern art. Well, tiny cups of wine and pretentious conversations have nothing on a full liquorlicious bar. At Dead Bird Gallery's upcoming Art in the Bar event, you can check out work from more than 30 local artists while getting sufficiently sauced on the booze of your choice.

"It's sort of an extension from Dead Bird Gallery where we really just wanted to provide a space for local artists who maybe haven't been given the opportunity or don't have the notoriety behind them yet to get opportunities to bring their work to the public," said Dead Bird Gallery co-owner Ellen DeAngelis.

Because DeAngelis and gallery partner Wayne Crans got a smoking deal on renting out the Knitting Factory bar space, they were able to keep the space fees low and ensure that artists get to keep 100 percent of their proceeds from the event.

"We've got everything from high school kids all the way up to Alan Ansel who has been a photographer in Boise for 30 years, so it's a really cool cross-section of artists in Boise, which I love," said DeAngelis.

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