Artis Loses Interest 

Remember last week? Yeah, it was pretty nifty--unless you happened to be this young man, 20-year-old Patrick Artis of Boise. Artis was labeled a "person of interest" in a local armed robbery by Boise Police on April 20, and his mug was broadcast across local print and televised media, including the very medium you hold in your inky little hands. Then, a day later, Artis was cleared (even though "cleared" isn't exactly the right word, as he wasn't, technically, a "suspect"). Oh, you didn't see that followup story in the fancy redesigned daily? It was a little smaller, admittedly, and it was floating in white space down near the bottom of the sidebar, without a picture with which to grab your eye. Or, in the case of some local television stations (cough, 7, cough), the interest was reported but the loss of interest was snubbed altogether.

Regardless, police have found their suspect and arrested him, and he is ... drumroll please ... Ta-da!--this man; 22-year old Brian Henniger of Boise. Henniger is in county lockup after allegedly trying his best to hold up a pair of construction workers near Ustick Road. He allegedly tried, that is. We aren't alleging that it was his best try. Ideally, a robber's best try doesn't result in him getting hit in the head by the people he's trying to rob, having his gun stolen and getting arrested a day later.

So remember: If you see Patrick Artis on the street this week, walk up to him, look him in the face and say, "I am not interested in you."

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