Artist Neighbors Join Forces for Third-Annual Mobley Art Crawl 

On a typical suburban street, neighbors meet over picket fences to swap household gossip and argue over whose lawn is most immaculate. But on Mobley Drive in Boise, they're more likely to be found exchanging tips on galleries, brands of paint and the merits of negative space. That's because a big share of Mobley's residents are artists—a realization that sparked a house-to-house art walk in 2016. This year, the annual Mobley Art Crawl will include six artists, who will open their home studios to the public Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17.

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"Three years ago, I was thinking of having my own Christmas open house to sell some paintings or cards or whatever for Christmas, and [oil painter] Rachel Teannalach was living on the block. I was talking to her about it and she said she was thinking of doing the same thing, so we decided to do it together," said Jill Millward, a portrait and landscape painter living on Mobley Drive.

Teannalach and Millward each knew another artist on the street, and the four joined together for the first Mobley Art Crawl in 2016. In the years since, artists have moved in and out of the neighborhood, adding to the show while they're there.

"Basically right when the show was two years in I moved into this neighborhood, which was a blessing since there are five or six other artists within 400 or 500 feet," said Mobley abstract artist Michael Norsk, who said his work depicts "momentary experiences." He paints daily, and plans to have about 50 pieces on display during the Art Walk.

Apart from Millward and Norsk, this year's artists include photographers Laurie Blakeslee and Brooke Burton, landscape painter Geoffrey Krueger and glass artist Peggy Jo Wilhelm. All of the artists but Blakeslee live on Mobley; her house is on Jantoni Drive, which Millward described as "just around the corner." Millward recommends art buffs start their walk at Krueger's house at 431 Mobley, then zig-zag down the street to end at Blakeslee's studio at 200 Jantoni, though visitors are free to choose their paths. All of the addresses can be found on the Mobley Art Crawl Facebook page.

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