Asana Climbing PDR Towel 

PDR Towel


Anyone who survived high-school gym class knows the delicate art of trying to change clothes without actually exposing yourself. It's not easy.

It's the same problem rafters, kayakers, paddle boarders and surfers have dealt with for years--trying to get out of wet clothes without pulling a muscle while changing in a car or getting shot nasty looks for brief interludes of public nudity.

The folks at Asana Climbing have come to the rescue with the PDR Towel--or the Personal Dressing Room Towel.

Sure, they're best known for creating climbing wall holds and mats, but Asana also has a line of clothing designed for the recreation-minded among us.

The PDR is a cross between a poncho and a Snuggy. Made of soft terry cloth with a hood, big arm openings and length that hangs below most people's knees, it allows the wearer to dry off and warm up under the towel while having the room to discreetly strip down and put on some dry clothes.

The PDR costs $35 and is available on Asana's website. The towel comes in multiple colors, so you and your friends can each have your own and stop flashing people, you pervs.

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