UPDATE: One Killed, Three Injured in Blast at US Ecology Hazardous Waste Facility in Owyhee County 

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UPDATE:  November 17, 2018 5 p.m.: US Ecology confirmed late Saturday that a man was killed and at least three others were injured following an explosion at a US Ecology waste facility near the Owyhee County community of Grand View. The deceased was identified as Monte Green of Grand View.

Following the blast inside a facility which, according to the company, "coverts hazardous inorganic wastes into non-hazardous, delisted residues," emergency responders rushed to the facility off of Simco Road, south of Interstate 84. More than a dozen workers were inside the building at the time of the explosion, according to the company. In addition to Green, three other unidentified employees were injured. US Ecology said those injuries were not life-threatening.

"It's a very difficult day for US Ecology, " said US Ecology Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer Simon Bell in a prepared statement.

US Ecology CEO and Chairman Jeff Feeler said in the prepared statement, "This is a tragedy that has been felt through the entire US Ecology family and the darkest day in US Ecology's 55-year-history."

ORIGINAL POST November 17, 2018 2 p.m.: An explosion at the U.S. Ecology hazardous waste facility near the Owyhee County Grand View injured at least three people Saturday. The Owyhee County Sheriff's Office initially reported that there had been two explosions at the facility. But by midday, emergency responders updated their initial report to clarify that there had been only one blast. Officials said the building was used to process powdered magnesium products.

An OCSO spokeswoman said emergency personnel were on the scene through much of the day, but there was no immediate word of the severity of the injuries.

According to the US Ecology website, the Owyhee County facility, one of multiple company operations across the U.S. and Canada, "converts hazardous inorganic wastes into non-hazardous, delisted residues."  As a result, "hazardous waste liabilities are eliminated and other long-term risks associated with disposal are minimized," according to the US Ecology website.
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