Attention smokers 

Get off of your butts and stop talking the talk, if you are unwilling to put your money where your mouths are, or in this case where your butts are-and I don't just mean the ones you sit on.

I am so very tired of hearing that we as a minority group are being discriminated against.

Smokers are being unfairly taxed and then taxed on top of that. Double taxation, sin taxation and more taxation-enough already!

Once upon a time in this country, folks with a nasty little tea drinking habit said enough already. They were not just whining in their recliners about it either. Those folks really liked their tea, and some probably even craved it intensely. I know some had withdrawals when it went into the harbor! They were mad and they made that point strongly and what do you know, a place was born where double taxation and that sort of thing would not be tolerated.

I believe they would have continued drinking their tea instead of wasting it on principle if they could see us today!

Some equal opportunity employers will not hire us; fair housing allows us to be discriminated against on the mere fact that we have a nasty little legal habit. Don't sit there and doubt the above either, because just today in reading the classified ads in the local newspaper I read at least three that said "No Pets or Smokers." I looked in the employment section as well and guess what? There were a few that stated they were a smoke-free, drug-free and alcohol-free employer. I would never doubt their right to be drug-free, as drugs are illegal. Smoking tobacco is not illegal, however! I could even understand not being allowed to smoke on their premises while at work, but not hiring a person who is not smoke-free constitutes a breach in anti-discrimination law. Let them wrap it all up pretty by stating it is allowed on condition of health mandates if they will, but it is discriminatory.

The yo-yos in Washington speak about raising cigarette taxes over and over again, because the habit is so unhealthy and they only intend to address health issues with this sin tax. They say they only want to make it a deterrent. Maybe if the prices are high enough on a pack of smokes, more people will quit smoking? I say, "Bah, humbug!"

If they really believed we would quit smoking, do you honestly think that they would continue in this manner? No! If we quit smoking, where would that nice little extra tax revenue come from? If they were concerned about smoking being the crux of all health issues in this nation, wouldn't they go ahead and make smoking illegal, with Big Daddy being so caring and all?

No, that will never happen. Tobacco companies are a huge part of the economy and the tax revenues from cigarettes are the backbone of our national treasury.

This brings me closer to one of my points on this issue. Why is this charade of concern for a healthy nation being allowed to continue? Smokers and non-smokers, why are we allowing government to break a constitutionally given right?

I may be wording it wrong, but is there not something written against unfair/double taxation?

Why do we say OK to discrimination against a group of folks who are breaking no laws?

This is what I propose: Smokers, stop whining and take back your rights. The only way to do this is to actually stop buying tobacco products. Hit them where the money is!

Let us have a Boston cigarette party and say no. We will not be taxed unjustly anymore.

The government will have to find another source for their revenues.

While we're at it, let's insist that smoking is made illegal, so that we can all qualify for government-funded detox programs. Then big, concerned Daddy can really put our money where his mouth is!

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