Audioslave: Revelations 

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With Audioslave's third release, Revelations, they have perfected a sound that is somehow pure rock--with the requisite powerful riffs--and still a little boring. Revelations starts off with heavy guitars and one of the best rhythm sections in rock muscling through the first quarter of the album triumphantly as though the band were on a mission to single-handedly save rock music. But the only revelation this album sparks is that Audioslave sounds too much like themselves. If all three of their albums were put on shuffle-mode there would be little distinction as to which album you were listening to. Every songs starts off with a choppy guitar line, Chris Cornell screams, Tom Morello makes some ridiculous noise as a substitute for a solo and then they power through the ending. On the other hand if you turn it up really loud you can't help but want to jump up and down, brush your teeth just a little faster or run out a play a game of football. Even if their sound is predictable, listening to Audioslave induces high adrenaline levels. Plus, they were invited by Cuba to play a show in Anti-Imperialist square and our government thought it was a good idea and gave them the go ahead. That gives Audioslave an automatic boost in rock status on principle of being talented enough to be invited to play by an oppressive government that we've been trying to overthrow. So, if you pick up the new Audioslave album and are not pleased, check to see that you have the volume set at 11 and resume rocking out.

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