August 18 2004 


There's barbecue food--you know the kind you get on a soggy paper plate every year at the fair--and then there's Southern-style barbecue. The secret may be in the sauce, but more than likely there's just something about the dense humidity that produces not only bird-sized mosquitoes but fingerlickin', sauce-laden seared flesh that can only be described as damn good.

One enthusiastic barbecue connoisseur and one expert barbecue chef met like kindred spirits at a Melba gathering where mentioned connoisseur consumed brisket and corn on the cob cooked by mentioned expert. It just so happened that the chef makes the best barbecue sauce in at least four states and the connoisseur was looking to partner up with someone in the restaurant business. And thus TW's Southern Style BBQ Grill was born in Nampa.

The grand opening takes place August 18--sorry, it's invitation only--but the doors are open for business for lunch and dinner for dining in or taking out. From burgers to beef ribs and filet mignon to roast pork, get your dose of secret ingredient barbecue sauce and top it off with Southern style pecan pie.

You can find TW's in Copper Canyon's former location at 218 12th Avenue South in Nampa; if you get lost call 353-3508.


New owners, who promise not to revamp Boise Weekly's favorite waterside State Street restaurant, have recently taken over The Dish. So far, the only change we've noticed is the addition of lunch to the daily lineup. The Dish approaches lunchtime fare with the attitude that a midday meal should be simple but high quality (translation: a fast food stop may be simple but it's not up to par in the quality department).

Only a handful of dishes make an appearance on the daily lunch menu. Salads can be beefed up with chicken breast, Asian beef skewers or Italian sausage. The chef cooks up a new pasta dish and a featured soup each day, and for those of you attached to the idea of sandwiches for lunch, chorizos come on a baguette, and foccacia sandwiches are served Mediterranean-style or grilled with chicken and piquillo peppers.

Of course, there is a burger option, but topped with Portobello mushrooms and goat cheese, it's a far cry from a Quarter Pounder. Prices are all under $9, with tempting choices like a curry noodle bowl and fish tacos weighing in at $7.95. Not bad bang for your buck, that's what we say.

The Dish is perched at 3000 Lake Harbor Lane. Make reservations by calling 853-6223.


We, the BW staff, have favorites when it comes to restaurants. We are regulars at more than a few bars and loyal to a short list of restaurants. Andrade's is a teacher's pet. Though most of our staff rarely ventures beyond the borders of our Boise comfort zone, we're stoked to know Andrade's is doing well enough in Boise to be able to open up a sequel in Meridian.

The menu is exactly the same but the Meridian version has an oh-so-lovely patio to kick back on.

Andrade's in Meridian is open seven days a week, 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m., at 2031 Fairview Ave, 401-0138.


Warning: the following statements are not based on fact. If you, our loyal BW readers can substantiate any of this information, drop us a line.

Word on the street is that former Pi location will soon be a martini bar called 10. Further rumor has it that the staff will be all female. Things that make you go hmmm....

We hear the former MilkyWay (former, former Zutto) will play host to yet another restaurant hoping to outgrow the space. We hear chef Andre Bop from Pocatello has plans for the underground eatery. :

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