August 23, 2006 

Music, Another Chicken Soup Book, Boise Art Museum, and Dance

A Neil Gaiman-Inspired CD: File Under "Things That Make You Go 'Hmm'"

We don't devote much space in this column to items of national--rather than local--interest, but sometimes, well, we have to branch out.

Someone, somewhere was apparently sitting around one day thinking, "I wonder what music inspired by the fiction of a bestselling author might sound like. And I wonder if I could actually release an album of same." So it is said, so it is done.

On July 18, Dancing Ferret Discs released Where's Neil When You Need Him?, a CD of 17 songs by groups inspired by their favorite Neil Gaiman story, character, or setting. If you don't know, Gaiman is the British author of several books--including the Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, SFX, and Locus award-winning novel American Gods--as well as the horror comic Sandman.

You'll hear Gaiman-inspired tunes by Rasputina, Future Bible Heroes, the Cruxshadows and several other gothy-sounding bands you've likely never heard of. Wait, there is a Tori Amos track here. Don't think this is the aural equivalent of fan fiction, though--Gaiman was involved in the project from its inception and even wrote the disc's liner notes.

Where's Neil When You Need Him? is available from

That's Right, Another Chicken Soup Book

At last count, there were approximately 1,925,622,576 books in the "Chicken Soup For The..." series. A surprising number of contributors hail from good old Idaho. Add Amy R. Brown of Payette to that illustrious if not so exclusive list. Brown contributed a short story entitled "What My Scrapbooks Taught My Mother ... And Me," which is part of Chicken Soup For the Scrapbooker's Soul--Stories to Remember.

Wham, Bam, Thank You, BAM

Students and seniors get all the breaks when it comes to discounts. This time, the lucky recipients are Boise State students and the benefactor is Boise Art Museum.

In partnership with Boise State, BAM will provide local college students with the opportunity to visit exhibitions and participate in education programs ... for free. As of August 21 and continuing for the entire year, all current Boise State students with a valid student ID card will receive free admission to BAM. Flash your card, they'll let you in.

The program is a continuation and expansion of the 2005-2006 pilot program.

If you are a Boise State student and you've been wanting to check out the "Frank Lloyd Wright and the House Beautiful" show but haven't done so because you didn't have the eight bucks for admission to the special exhibition, you're in luck. The exhibition is open through October 22 and you don't have to pay a red cent to see it. (And do take advantage--it's a nifty show.)

BAM will host a reception on October 3 at 5 p.m. where they will provide more information about the program.

Dance Instructor Sought

If you're a dancer looking to share your gift with the world, we might have the yin to your yang right here. Fusions Dance Center (1187 W. River St.) is looking for instructors to teach the art of ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, salsa, ballroom and--yes indeedy--break dancing. If that's you, call Alyssa Cromwell at 407-9694.

--Sara Beitia

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