August 24, 2005 

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In the August 10 news feature, Carissa Wolf described New Heritage Theatre Company's investment in the Armory to be around $30,000. It was actually more like $300,000 for the new parking lot alone, and $500,000 total.

Also, in a July 28 news short, Linda DeEulis of Snowden Wildlife Sanctuary was incorrectly identified as Linda DeEulisa. Drop the A, eh?

Dear President Bush #1

Welcome to Idaho. Your visit here is much anticipated by not only myself, but by most of the Idahoans I have discussed this with.

We take pride in the fact that you have deemed it necessary to add us to your very busy agenda. That our wellbeing is as uppermost on your mind as any other place speaks volumes and I would just like to extend our thanks to you for this and once again say you are most welcome here.

Idaho is predominately a Republican state and your supporters here are many. Our patriotism knows no bounds, and we are ready to do whatever it takes to assure our nation and ourselves a safer and more aware tomorrow.

At your speech in Nampa, we will listen with open minds, so please speak bluntly. Tell us how it is!

We do not care how you pronounce "nuclear" and are not sitting in judgment of such trivial things.

You tell us in any pronounceable way what we must do as American-Idahoans to insure ourselves a safer future and in our greatest American tradition, we will debate the issue and then do it!

O.K., enough said, on to nicer things.

Idaho is a beautiful land Mr. President, please enjoy your visit. Donnelly, Idaho, is as lovely a place as any I have seen and our mountains will most assuredly refresh your spirits.

Let the peace of our mountains give you solace, Mr. President, and God bless you always!

-Tereasa Sanders-Halligan, Meridian

Dear President Bush #2

Welcome to our beautiful state of Idaho. I hope you are as happy to be here as we are to have you. However, I would like to take this golden opportunity to ask a few questions that I cannot seem to get the answers to. I am an old, patriotic man who has seen many things in my lifetime and I feel that I, as well as the rest of the public that you have sworn to serve, deserve these answers.

1. Before 9/11, had anyone asked our government for the money that we have spent in Iraq for the cure for cancer, AIDS, etc., our government would have considered that foolish. Why?

2. Our country asks our men and women to serve it, yet when they return wounded, they find the medical care to be financially and emotionally overwhelming. This includes WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans. Why?

3. After retirement and on a fixed income, our seniors are forced to choose between necessities and medication. Yet another troubling thing for our seniors is that there is no tax relief (i.e. property taxes, etc.) aftr paying a lifetime of them. Why?

4. Many of our youth are addicted to drugs and they are our future. Our justice system is throwing our future in jail by dealing with the crimes that the addiction is causing instead of dealing with the bottom line of the addiction itself. Why?

5. You are an advocate of family values. The backbone of family values to me is a mother at home, yet our economy is making it so that our homes are being broken by having to have two incomes just to support it. Not being bad enough, our government is supporting the good-paying jobs to go overseas. Why?

6. Our governemnt made Bill Gates sell off parts of his company saying that it was a monopoly, yet you allow OPEC to monopolize our gas prices, sending them up a skyrocketing 200 percent in the last five years. Why?

7. America, the land of opportunity, has been opened up enough for immigrants to come seeking better health care, jobs and quality of life. I applaud them, but we Americans have now become the minority and we are having trouble seeking and attaining those same things. Why?

8. My last question for you. When your father was elected, he promised a kinder, gentler America. George, what happened?

These are just a few questions I have for you and I realize that it is hard to get those dogs out from under the porch but this ol' boy knows what dogs won't hunt. In closing, once again, I would like to thank you for coming to our great state of Idaho. Please join us again.

-Donald McMurrian, Nampa

Dear President Bush #3

1. How come every time we get a president from Texas, the price of oil goes through the roof?

2. What will you and your administration do if China moves to reclaim Taiwan?

3. Mr. President, can you point to Iraq on the map?

4. How come you are the only person in your family who talks like a hick?

5. Mr. President, would you be offended if the American people called you and Dick Cheney, "Beavis and Butthead"?

6. When gas costs $6 a gallon, will you consider adding three more hours to daylight saving time or will you simply raise the air pressure guidelines for tires?

7. When gas goes to $10 a gallon, which oil producing country are we going to invade?

-Jim Spicka, Boise

A Song for Bush

Here's a little rewrite of "Strange Brew" by Cream. (Disraeli Gears, 1967)

My apologies to Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and E. Clapton. Enjoy!

Bush brew, kills what's inside of you

He's the Prez of us in electric red

If he has his way we may all end up dead

Boo-Hoo ... now what ya gonna do

Bush Brew, Y2K did it to you

On a vote in the middle of a raging sea

He whipped Al's ass, that's the way it must be

Although,,, Gore really won the score

Bush brew, stir up the right wing stew

Bush and Cheney even Tom DeLay,

They will teach us all how the big boys play

Dems lose ... reduced to clowns and booze

Bush brew, he didn't give Kerry a clue

Mephistophoeles aka Karl Rove

On his advise into Iraq we dove

Hey now ... Redux: Apocalypse Now

It hurts, his name must really be Kurtz

Bush brew, kills what's inside of you

-Chris Morris,


Dear CindySheehan

God Bless you and I assure you that you are-as Margaret Mead said-that "one person that will stand up and change the evil of our government." You are now changing that terrrible suffering and misfortune that you recently dealt with into a veritable blessing of gold for every American and human being! How is that? By proving that one person can stand up to a murderous dictator-responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of human beings and the destruction of their basic freedoms-you have indeed been blessed by God with a power and ability that can change our country's headlong plunge toward destruction!

Please keep in mind that the whole world is watching you and savoring the sick reaction of a very destructive and perverse Presidential administration, that of G. W. Bush. It is Americans like you-and only you-who stood with that militia of farmers 200 years ago against the most powerful military force on the globe and faced them with total defeat.

Milllions of us are with you, Cindy. We won't surrender and as long as we stand together, we can not be beat!

Humanity is with you.

-Joe Moran, Boise

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

As usual, your article (BW, NEWS, "Victims of their own Success," August 17, 2005) strives to put Canadian wolves in Idaho, in a good light and represent them as "victims". Not once did you refer to them as foreign, non-indigenous Canadian wolfs, which they are, nor did you mention the impact these predators are having on Idaho's deer, elk, moose and other game and non game species. Apparently Boise Weekly's only agenda is promoting "Wolf Hugging" and you are not interested in the attributes of scientific game management for the benefit of Idaho's wildlife and people. If Idaho must have wolves, they must be managed. We are all ready losing too many big-game animals to them as it is. But I suppose BW does not care about that ... Instead of making the managers and some ranchers out as villains, why don't you publish an article touting the good work Fish and Game, the FWS, responsible ranchers and sportsman's groups do for the benefit of all wildlife, instead of putting out one-sided trash? Stop trying to tie wildlife manager's hands by inflaming an emotional public response. No one complains about managing/controlling noxious foreign weeds that threaten to displace important native plants. Why do you take such a position with foreign wolves that are displacing Idaho's indigenous wildlife, and impacting sheep and cattle operations? Canadian wolfs are not threatened in Canada or Alaska. They do not need to be here to survive as a species.

-Dave Posey,


Editor's Note: If you read the article (see our online archives at, I think you would find we present a strong argument from all sides about wolf management. I believe this was one of the fairest articles on the subject I have seen in a long time, in any publication. Big game herds, however, have flourished in Idaho to the point of changing the native environment in the abscense of natural predators. For that matter, what about non-indigenous cattle and sheep?

Comic Conundrum & Columnists

I've been a faithful reader of The Idaho Statesman for many years (including the Sunday commercial edition) and only more recently and somewhat casually took note of Boise Weekly. Along with the TV newscasts influenced by government that are undergoing change in viewing habits, I'm aware that local and national newspapers have experienced declining sales in recent years. There's little wonder. The Boise Weekly, along with counterparts in other cities, is filling a gap.

As for Bill Cope, my goodness, he's first-rate. He, along with Maureen Dowd, Molly Ivins, Paul Krugman, Richard Cohen, and a few other writers has become a favorite. I like what he contributes to an understanding of society, the insights he shares, his observations of the world around us, and so much more. Besides all that, his style of writing is outstanding; he's fun to read. He makes me chuckle.

The observations he made in today's Boise Weekly (BW, Bill Cope, "Broncos Ranked #19!," August 17, 2005) were certainly appropriate. Why is Shoe hidden? When The Idaho Statesman gave occasion to vote on comic strips I've requested Hagar on more than one occasion. The requests were ignored. Among other comics, including Hagar, I'm forced to check favorites on the Web. As for Sally Forth, give me a break.

Besides Bill, Boise Weekly includes other critics of merit along with good information from around town: restaurants, movies, entertainment, more.

The above comments are sent to you from an appreciative reader. Thanks.

-Gerald F. Draayer, Boise

Online comments

Mr. Cope makes, and ignores in the same column (, Opinion, Bill Cope, "Saints vs. Science," August 10, 2005), an important point, which is fairly typical. He rarely does deep analysis of any topic, but rather takes sarcastic jabs at his target-of-the-week. It's amusing, but he seems like a bitter person.

Anyway ... he observes that Galileo and other early scientists were branded as heretics because they went against the religious beliefs of the day. However, he fails to point out that the scientists of the day were woefully ignorant of truth as well. It was the scientists that taught that the Earth was flat and at the center of the universe. It was the medical scientists of the day who cured your ailments by bleeding you.

Any legitimate scientist-including today's geneticists-will quickly declare that we know very little and that we're always learning new "scientific truths" that refute the old "scientific truths."

If Mr. Cope had been around 500 years ago, he probably would have been there sarcastically mocking Galileo.

-Steve Hulme

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