August 30, 2018: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • Less than a day after winning gubernatorial primaries in their respective efforts to become Florida's next governor, Republican Ron DeSantis described Democrat Andrew Gillum as an "articulate spokesman" for far-left views and worried that Gillum, an African-American, would "monkey" up Florida's progress. The New York Times reports that DeSantis joins a long list of of Republican candidates who are taking their cues from President Trump and "are embracing messages with explicit appeals to racial anxieties and resentment."

  • In the shadow of the technical mess that has shuttered DMV offices across Idaho, the Idaho Transportation Department announced Wednesday that it will grant an emergency extension for Idahoans with expired licenses. ITD said Idahoans whose licenses have expired or will soon expire will be granted an extension until Wednesday, Oct. 31. ITD said there are some exceptions to the extension: commercial diver's license holders who don't have a legal presence document on file with Idaho DMVs; and drivers whose privileges had been withdrawn until reinstatement requirements are fulfilled.

  • It's no surprise to the thousands of Idaho motorists filling up their tanks for the holiday weekend that the price of gas has gone up over the last several months. But what is news is that AAA says Idaho now has the fifth-highest gas prices in the nation. The average price of a gallon of unleaded in Idaho is now $3.26, higher than most of the rest of the region, including Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada.

  • Nature magazine has a fascinating story this week on an ancient galaxy that's forming stars at "an absolutely incredible rate." The so-called "Monster Galaxy" formed 2 billion years after the Big Bang, and according to the report, the galaxy turns more than a thousand Suns worth of gas into stars each year.

  • The living legends that are Serena and Venus Williams will once again face each other in the U.S. Open on Friday, Aug. 31. Each of the Williams sisters won their respective tennis matches on Wednesday, setting up Friday's duel. It will be the 30th time in their pro careers that they have faced one another.

  • Meanwhile, U.S. Open officials are being criticized for what's being called a sexist double standard after an umpire warned French tennis player Alize Cornet for briefly taking her shirt off. Time magazine reports Cornet was returning to the court after a 10-minute break due to the intense heat when she realized her shirt was on backwards. Cornet, who was wearing a sports bra underneath, quickly took her shirt off and put it on correctly. That's when an official issued a code violation against Cornet. Social media lit up with protests, especially considering the fact that male tennis players regularly take off their shirts on the court.
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