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November is six months on either side from May, the month of Mother's Day. That probably doesn't matter. Or maybe it does, because the True Crime lineup for the last week of November contains no less than two cases of mothers accused of behaving quite terribly--feloniously, even--in regard to their children. Sleeping on the job, are we, ladies?

The first is Sherry N. Batt, 26, of Boise, who was arrested on Monday and accused of abandoning her child at the scene of an accident on Sunday afternoon. According to a Police release, Batt is accused of a variety of misdeeds including: 1) crashing a late 1980s Ford van into a property on Jordan Street, wiping out about 30 feet of picket fence; 2) running away from the scene of the crime after telling witnesses not to call the police; and 3) leaving the van in the street with the engine running and both a dog and Batt's 7-week-old baby inside. Following the accident, the child was turned over to Health and Welfare and the dog was taken by animal control. Batt was arrested several hours later at her home on Gooding Street, about four blocks away from the accident.

As luck would have it, in the course of Batt's wanderings from the car to her home, she happened to stroll into the backyard of the house where the author was busily scribbling a different True Crime story (no kidding!). I'll save the details for Briskow and Curtis, but suffice it to say, she asked to use the phone. I let her. Then she left. Later, I recognized her mugshot in a press release. Hopefully, I won't be charged as an accessory. But if so, I'll make sure the charges will result in the rootin'est, tootin'est self-pitying-est True Crime article ever.

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