Bad Vet! Bad! 

James Boldt needs to take some vocational classes. Maybe he should get into the futures market, or try his hand at grave digging. Pretty much anything other than his current career choice--"phony veterinarian"--would be an improvement.

Boldt has already served hard time for practicing human and veterinary medicine without a license, and according to a story in the Idaho Press-Tribune, the 53-year-old was picked up again last month on charges of cruelty to animals, practicing veterinary medicine sans license and possession of controlled substances. Police say a dog and a horse died under Boldt's care while he was working at Second Street Animal Health in Nampa, and another horse he tended to is permanently lame. Boldt's secret was exposed after the owner of the dog, who died of an infection after being brought in to be spayed, complained to the Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine.

Wait--I've got it: Acting! If ever a thespian was born to lead the first-ever prisoner production of All Creatures Great and Small, Boldt is the cat.

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