Bandits Bust East Boise Marijuana Operation 

The Boise Police Special Operations Unit pierced the suburban quiet of Columbia Village on Thursday, Oct. 8, as officers stormed into a house on the 5600 block of Jonquil Street. Their mission: bust a suspected pot-trafficking ring.

The big guns were called in on the bust--usually handled by the city's BANDIT Task Force--because detectives had info that the suspects had weapons in the house.

Turns out, they also had nearly a pound of pot, more than 25 marijuana plants and about $3,500 in cash, according to police reports.

Evidence of their foray into the drug market netted the two suspects--a 21-year-old male and a 24-year-old male--felony possession with intent to deliver charges. The duo's younger member also got slapped with a manufacturing--er, growing--marijuana charge, also a felony. What's more, under draconian state drug laws, the pair may also qualify for mandatory minimum terms of one year in the lockup, plus a $5,000 fine.

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