Bar Hopper: Fetch the Good Life at White Dog Brewing 

A Tale of Two Cities: Two towns, both alike in dignity and proximity to mountainous activities, are bound by a single brewery. White Dog Brewing Co. was originally founded in Bozeman, Montana, but opened a second location in Boise in 2017. The owners acquired brewing equipment left over from the old TableRock brewpub, and even started to brew some old TableRock classics, including the currently on-tap Hopzilla and Nut Brown Ale.

Ice Ice Baby: just wide enough for a pint glass and perfectly frosted over to keep your beer cold. You can draw on it or scrape together enough shavings to flick miniature snowballs at your buddies. Even better is the smorgasboard of tiny plastic animals frolicing in the frost. It's impossible to resist playing "stack the penguins" every time I go (my record is three).

Capitalizing on Cuteness: White Dog cans seven of its beers, and each style has a different human/pup mascot pair featured on the label. Online you can find the backstory for each duo, including the photos used as inspiration for the artwork—and it's very impressive. There are also accompanying Q&As. White Dog's staff puts a lot of creativity into coming up with Tinder bio lines for the four-legged models, so they're definitely worth reading while you drink.

What should you drink? The regular tap lineup at White Dog is always solid (Vanilla Cream Ale, Blood Orange Hefe, Irish Stout, etc), but my go-to is the Scotch Ale. That brew is hard to find outside of Montana, but with roots up north it's nearly a necessity that White Dog have one on tap. The Scotch is richer and maltier than a brown or amber ale, but I firmly believe it's light enough to drink year-round.

Where to Find It: White Dog is located at 705 W. Fulton St. in Boise.

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